Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Morning and my fight with ice!!

So this morning was a normal one, getting my crazy, wild, unruley, chase me around please, I think its funny when I have something you want precious daughter ready for school, and me for work. Everything was flowing so nicely, got the dog out, my lunch done.
I get into my car are crank it up to this..

I dont even know what to do really? I mean im sure my window has had ice on it before, but I bet you I didnt have to leave the house. So after I turn my windshield wipers on and spray that water stuff I get the 4 stupid little water spots. I was like OK I can see lets go. Pull out my driveway and then crap I cant see.

I then pull back in my driveway and decided to try the water hose.. Then after I fight with it and turn it on with no water coming out.. YA its frozen. Turn the water off and decided im just gonna sit in my car till its gone.. YA it was clear.
HA HA.. another evenful morning in the gallardo house.

On a positive note.. alyssa was so so excited about school. We pull in and she yellls "COOL" (aka school) Go inside and go to her class room, and put all her things away, washes her hands. The teacher was telling me about how good she done yesterday, and about how much she loves to eat (anyone that hangs with us know my child NEVER turns down food), how she know how to defend herself too.. THen in was time for me to go and she said bye mommy. :) AHH I am just so so proud.

School day 2:)

She also has been using the potty so much more, went 1 & 2 in it last night all by her self I didnt even have to tell her, she just made me help getting her undressed. Anyways I have talked enought but thanks for joining is in this journey we call life.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Your little girl is adorable. That is some crazy ice on your windshield!