Monday, April 18, 2011

Number 44 on my 101 :)

Record 1 thing a day that makes ME happy :)

1) Waking up to my girls sweety face. 4/18/2011

Thanks for following us in this journey we call life.


So, its been about a month since I was last here.
Its crazy how times flies really.

This past month, lets see...
Ive had a few heartbreaks, and let downs...
for the most part been about 80% anxiety free.. WOO HOO..
Lys dislocated her arm again, and had her first major visit to the er...
I went out dancing ONCE.. lol
Took lys to a easter egg hunt, and she had no idea what to do..
I PAID the car off.. WOO HOO!!
Locked our self out the apt, so untill we got inside had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather...
Stopped seein my therapist, he makes me feel worse about myself..
We went to see disney on ice again this year..
We attended a beautiful wedding..
Dyed the hurrr :)
Got a new bunny because ours died had to go help the easter bunny deliver eggs.
got some new coach glasses..
also my first pair of actual seeing glasses.. Im getting old I know..
And went to gainesville, ALOT.

It sure has been a interesting month. I really cant wait to see what my future holds, cause lord knows I dont know. Im just taking things day by day. Lys is still the best thing EVER, I really couldnt imagine my life without her. She has been driving me a little nuts lately thou, I hear it comes with the age thou. All the questions, and rebellion. Shes a handful thats fo sho.

Heres a few pic off my phone :)

I have alot more pics on my camera for my few frames a week, and I just never post them. Maybe I will get on the tonight :)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.