Tuesday, September 7, 2010

...I knew this year would hold alot...

Well along with everything else going on with my life (the seperation, the moving) I get myself into a accident friday. Not just any accidnet nope my ass was on a motorcycle. Before you go and ask, yes it was with a guy named greg. We were going on a curve, and the foot peg of the bike caught the asphalt, and the tried to stand the bike back up, and we dont know if I counter acted against him, or didnt do anything at all, BUT we ran off the otherside of the road, and into a ditch and flew off.

YES we went to the hospital, It was absolutly horrible! They actaully scrub the wound. It really sucks. I was crying and bitching the entire time. :) GO ME!! I had to go back sunday, then tuesady. Now everyday untill they want to take the bandages off. The doctor say that everything is healing nicely though, so thats the good thing. 

Please dont go and preach to me, BELIEVE me when I tell you I have heard it all. Im sure I will get on a bike again. Prolly wont be for a while though. lol
On a different note. Seems as though alot of people dont read this cause lots of people still dont know that I am staying and brandon is goin to NC..
Well there ya go :) We are seperated.... meaning we are married but we are taking a break and reevaluating the situation in about 6 months or so... Well then see if we wanna make things work, or just cut out ties now.
For all my 30 days of me followers...I promise I will start back again soon, I am just not getting back to normal.. Well somewhat :)

Thanks again for joining.. this journey we call life. 

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♥ Kate ♥ said...

♥ you!!! i am sooo happy you guys are ok and i am always here for you WHENEVER you need me!!!!