Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 days of me: Day 9

Day 9- Something youre proud of in the past few days.

For the first time, I am actually standing on my own minus the financial issue.. I mean if that ever became a problem theres always the thought of stripping... NOT.. well.. ya no. It feels so good to stand my ground when I feel that im missing something, and that my relationship could be more. It been a HARD month, to be seperated yet, dealing with it for lys sake. Its for the best though, and thats what keeps me going. For the shit I have been having to overcome, I have not let "things" get to me. I in this situation have been the bigger person, and thats what im proud of. Im proud to say that I have no stooped down to his level of childish, and selfishness. I have become the better person♥

Thanks for joining this journey we call life.


Mikayla Lee said...

Good for you babe!!!!

Share The Good said...

Beautiful lady, it is not aboout what anyone thinks about you. It is always about what YOU think about you. I will always love you and Alyssa and Brandon no matter what life holds. I understand and have been through alot myself but one thing is sure is we each are blessed with each other and I am blessed with you and Alyssa and I know no matter what You are beautiful girls and are destined for a wonderful life full of love and wonder and I hope you both always feel worthy because you are both very precious! Always look forward and know the past and things we learn from them make us who we are and the people who come and go in or life help us grow. Nothing is certian but the love of our creator(s) and that we come to realize the beauty of each moment we are granted :o)