Our Home

Now that almost all the boxes and contents in the boxes, are put somewhere unpacked, I figured I would give you a little idea of our little apartment.

The living room

There are a few things we have in mind. Like some fun wall art, and a wooden pallet coffee table, and come curtain and new tv stand.

This is the future command center wall :)

 Gonna be putting some floating shelves back here. probley?

 This is the kitchen, and its updated compared to the old stove :P

Ha, here is the darling teenagers room, she has some nifty stuff coming up soon as well.

Yup and this is the girls current situation.. She has lots of fun things planned. Im at a stump for storage for her toys thou. Help.. anyone??

Girls Bathroom/ Laundry room :)
Pshh, notice the washer and dryer. Ekkk

Our bedroom...Not sure where we are going with it, but we will keep you updated :)

There are lots of things that I still have to find a home for, but its coming together slowly and surely. Its a smitten bigger than our last place, and we can use our washer and dryer. Therefore we are happy :)