Monday, December 27, 2010

A photoless christmas post!

I know I know, im just as bummed as you are! I cant find my converter to get my pics on the computer! :( Dern HP for not making the disc drive big enough!

Oh well, christmas was a hit! Lys found herself stumbling, and tripping, and stepping all over all the toys and stuff all over the floor. It was actually quite hilarious, but in order to keep the some safetly in the house I decided to start cleaning and organizing all the toys, and debris. We cant have bumps and bruises on christmas now can we?

Lys was soo overwhelmed with her laptop, digital camera, leap pad thingie, braclets, barie dolls, little people doll house, barbie car, and soo much other stuff that I couldnt get the kid to sleep. She didnt go to sleep untill 11 which is soo out the ordianary for my girl, she the 8 oclock kind, and mama likes it.

Thankfully her batteries are starting to die already in her digital camera, (dont judge, you say cheese about 1500 times in 2 days then talk to me) so maybe we wont have to say cheese for a few days, or that dern bright flash! It puts me outta working order for at least a good 30 seconds! Shes not so good at judging distance yet! Overall we had a great 4 day weekend! I cant wait to have another 4 day weekend with my girl again! AND its her birthday weekend as well!

Im so ready to start this new year! Anyone wanna hear my new years resolutions?? Too bad ima tell them anyways!

1.) Finish this divorce.
2.) Pay off my car, and maybe get a new one.
3.) Start making MORE money.
4.) SAVE lots of money.
5.) Go visit my aunt!
6.) Kick this anxiety's ass! No more worring, im live my life to the fullest, and LOVE every minute of it!
7.) MORE 101:P

Hope everyone has a great week! I promise that when I find that dang converter I will be posting LOTS of pics :)


Amanda♥Lynne said...

YAY for blog posts, YAY for Lys having an awesome Christmas, YAY for New Years Resolutions, and YAY for her camera giving you a few days off, haha! Love you dear, I am hoping for more posts in the New Year from being so frickin' far away.

Erica said...

I'm so glad to hear you guys had a GREAT Christmas!! YAY for New Year's Resolutions!! I totally understand about the camera. Kaley is the same way with hers! Hopefully we can grab some dinner or lunch sometime soon! Miss you hun!