Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Update :)

So here it is huh? The last month of the year. Something, I mean SOMETHING has happend every month I think? I have MIA lately. Its because when things in my world are stressed although the blog is where I should let it all go I just for some reason, just cant do it. I bottle it all up and just share it with those closest to me.

AnyWHO! Anyone starting thinking of there new years resolutions yet??
 I am thinking ...
*I am goin to try to start this One Frame A Day. You can see here someone elses and it gives you a idea. I think that it would DEF help with my photography, and would be a awesome way to remember the little things we seem to forget in our day to day lives.
*I also wanna blog more, and not let little things get the best of me.
*I also wanna be more active with some new friendships.
*And I wanna do awesome with my MK business.

To get you up to date a little...
In the last month..
RIGHT after my last post as a matter of fact...
I had to rush to GA to get my puppy that was run over by a car..She ended up having to get her left rear leg amputated, due to her bone being shattered. She doing Great thou! The cutest damn 3 legged dog EVER!!
The ex was in a bad accident so I was in NC for a day to make sure all was ok with him. Hes fine thou.. Had a awesome time with my bestie with our mini unexpected road trip thou :)
Had a Great thanksgiving!
Made a few new friends, and had a few great dinnners :)

Here are a few pics :)

Not many I know I know.. Ive been slackin with the camer. Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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