Tuesday, December 28, 2010

.. on being a big girl!

:( So today I really realized that im broke! LOL I either need to start stripping orrr, I guess the better option would be to ask for a raise! Boo for that, it just makes me feel so bad. Living off one paycheck really sucks! HA!! (child support DOES help, thankfully we have that)

OOOH well, we are gonna make it and all is going to be well in the world. This year I am going to save money dang it! Its really important! I will get my finances in check. More and more everday I feel myself getting more drived to do it. It feels so empowering when U have a extra "cushion" in the bank. THEN christmas comes and wipes everything out like a damn hurricane. BLEHH! HAHA.

Oh well to make the day brighter Im attaching a few pics of my girl and her cuteness. But for the record..

Somedays being a big girl... SUCKS!

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life :)

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