Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random rantings :)

Things have been pretty mello around here lately. Nothing new is really happening other than, lys being sick.

Took her to the doc this am and they loaded her up on LOTS of meds so hopefully I will have my happy baby  toddler back here soon. :)

(this is my sick baby.. LOL)

I am working really hard this week to keep my house clean so its not so bad this weekend. And so far so good its going quite well for me :)

 I have been having to keep carli (my annoingly shy, scared, aggervating border collie that I rescued from the pound) on a leash cause she has been running away. :( She does not like it to say the least. I dont know what else to do though.

I made lima beans and rice for dinner yesterday, and it SO SO good. I have to say it was by far the best pot I have ever made. :) I so ate 3 WHOLE bowls. LOL lets say my stomache was NOT too thrilled about that this morning. LOL

Im super excited about this weekend, Were going out for meggers B-day woot woot. Its gonna be super super fun :)

This is all for now. Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not me monday :)


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

*I did not get put on muscle relaxers for the first time in my ENTIRE life this past week casue my neck has been a little bit of a hassel. I did not freak out and think of the pharmacist putting the wrong meds in my bottle, causeing me to NOT think of everything that could have went wrong. Which in turn did not make me call meghan and tell her if she didnt hear from me in the am something was wrong.
(Worry Wart Me? NAHHHH)

*I did not go out Sat night, and get drunk off one shot and 2 drinks. Nope I wasnt that girl.

*I did not have to wake up just a few hours later and be a mom...
*I did not break a gkass bown all over my bare feet.
*I did not go to the store last min to try to find them valentine heart cookies.
(which I was very unsuccesful)
*I did not make a huge dinner, for just myself and lys. I mean really how lame would that be.
*I did not watch the end of the nascar race, and get super excited cause the end was so good.
(ha ha, jeff gordon)
*I did not watch Ashley Force Hood drag race her dad, and secretly wish I was the one in the car racing my dad.
*Alyssa and I did NOT wash dishes for the first time together yesterday.
Thats all for now :)
Thanks for joining us in This journey we call life.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby its friday :)

Oh friday, am I so glad to see you today :)
I can not wait to do a big nothing this weekend. I just wanna love and cuddle my little sicklin of a child, that I know is gonna be extra moody and grumpy casue she doesnt feel good.
She needed extra momma love to even get her motivated off to school. Its the kinda bitter sweet kind, cause u know she is only loving you becasue she feels bad, but I dont EVER get love like that unless she feels bad. LOL

Anyways, got her and her goodie bags off to school today, and I think I realized that I was far more excited (and spend FAR too much money) than alyssa was cause, well DUH Lelia shes 2 and has NO idea whats going on.
Oh well I wont regret not participating thats for sure.
Making her goodie bags :) (yes I kept her up late to help)

Some of the bows we put in the girls (the boys got cars)

I started making these bows, I think im doing pretty dang good for just starting. Alyssa really likes them as well.
****Small convo w/ toddler****

M) Alyssa Momma knows you arent feeling well, dont u wanna get dressed and go to school?
L) uuuuuhhhh, No (all whiney)
M) you dont wanna go give out all ur gift bags to ur friends?
L) no...
M) well do you wanna get dressed?
L) (shakes he head no this time)
M) C'mon lys dont make momma make you, we have to do this. Momma make u a new bow for your outfit today..
L) (she gasp) New BOW?
M) yes maam, see? (I show her..)
L) k, mommy pants..
(few mins later after we are dressed hair is done, and shoes are on)
alyssa goes to get her step stool, and she puts in front of the sink and stands too look at her self..
L) I pretty momma..
M) yes baby you sure are.  :)

Ahh I just love her.

This morning, her valentines outfit, and BOW :)

I just hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and valentines day :)
 Lys and I are gonna eat like queens, MOMMA is gonna grill us "A" steak, and get some baked potatoes and spicy green beans (regular for the baby), some good cresents and im more than likely gonna get a nice slice or two of cheesecake factory cheesecake for dessert:) Im sure I will have lots of pics :)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Terrible 2's Tuesday :)

So today was a normal day for my pretty and myself, got up went Pee pee, in the potty (since she was in actual big girl panties all night again, with NO accidents:) ) and ran she ran around naked while mama gets ready :) I think she absolutely loves this part of her morning.

She watches show "your baby can read" and she just has a jolly ole time getting much needed nakie cuddle time with her nite, nite.

Well as I finish getting ready, I call down to her to come upstairs so we can start getting ready and put her "big girl panties" on.. (which she absolutely LOVES to do). And she starts this whiney cry? SO I try a few more times to get her to come and she still is doing this a few more times... So I slowly trot( no more full speed, due to falling down the stairs one to many times) down the stairs to see whats going on... She starts getting madder, and madder as she hears me coming. As I turn the final corner.. what do I find might you ask?!?

The little turd trying her
to get into my
ghirardelli caramel square

And this is why she was so upset cause she couldnt get them open, and she knew I was coming to get her.. HA HA silly baby. She was very upset the rest of the morning so I have to make her better, with pearls, and lipgloss, and her necklace :)

Here are a few pics of this morning, and one from yesterday when I picked her up from school.

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life....

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Not me monday"


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

-I didnt decided sat afternoon, that I needed to rearrange a little bit, by going to buy a new computer desk, and had 3 men move this heavy box, in my buggie (YES I SAID BUGGIE, whatcha gonna do about it?!? LOL) in my car, and into my house. Where it is still sitting there unfinished.

-I did not have a total fit whenever i found out that my cat was pissing under the bed saturday night, and ran like a mad woman moving furniture to catch the little shit to throw his happy ass outside, at one oclock in the morning. Then my dog ran away.

-I did not get mad then after calling her like 10 a million times, in my night gown in the cold ONE in the morning. (ALL WHILE my neighbors are partying it up outside) SO no I did not leave her outside to run like a wild dog, for the drunk neighbors to later bring her home. NOPE NOT ME...

-Sunday morning as I was taking the bed apart to DEEP clean the carpet, I did NOT find a hole where the cats ripped the box spring, to crawl up there and shit in my bed.... to answer your question no I didnt flip my lid and just lay on my bed crying, wishing I could get a break..

-Last night I did not decided at the last mintue that tidying up the house was not important, after the bad weekend I had at home.. so I went to a get together with some friends.Nope not me.

What did u "NOT DO" this weekend?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just feel a little chatty:)


So i talk to you. (or type really)

*My face hurts.... falling down the stairs is something I have to stop doing really... LOL I told my mom what I done and she said "And here I was worring about alyssa and your the one that needs the baby gate" THANKS MOM!!!

* I am really excited about "this project" im doing. LOL I will post pictures sunday night but I cant ruin the suprise till then.

*I hate the litter box.. My stupid cat.. I clean the litter box every day.. WHY OH WHY does he still wanna shit in my bath tub? Please answer this ? ANYONE?!?
While on the topic of cats im very suprised at how well they well mac takes medicine. Just swallows it and goes, acts as though its no problem at all.

Since I started working im harly EVER on the computeron the weekends, the only way I even keep up with FB is because of my handy dandy celluar phone. :) Im just get tired of looking at the competer, could be a GOOD thing.

I really need to mop my foor and clean the patio this weekend :( AHH the chores I hate, that also include LAUNDRY.. That just makes me wanna pull my hair out. LOL

Im WAY WAY excited for my friend to be having her baby sunday ( well hopefully anyways ). I just wish I was there to enjoy the momentous occasion with her.

Last but not least I cant wait to see this face::

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Convo w/ a Toddler :)

So Kelli over at Kandid Kelli does this Convo w/ a toddler blog, almost every week You can check out her blog  here and leave her tons of love. I have been trying to pay attention to when lys and I chat to see what I can remember to try to share a "conversation" with yall :)

So here it goes.

This morning alyssa and I was rushing out the door to get to school, and work. When she goes to school, for letting mama put her "nite, nite" aka blanket into her back pack she gets a fruit snack on the way to school. Well this morning, we were running substancially a tad bit late so we I was in a hurry. As we were walkin to the car....
M) Oh no lys we forgot ur fruit snack, and ur nite nite, and momas phone.
L) NIIITE NIITE.. (all whiney)
(I put her in the seat and bucked her)
M) Mommys gonna go get it baby I will be right back...
L) K mommy go get it
(yes she was bucked in the car, I can still see her as I dash in the house for 2 min)
(I return)
L) YAY, mommy back
M) yes maam, and I got ur snack, and ur nite nite, and my phone..
L) NIIITE NIIITE.. (all whiney)
M) No lys baby, it has to go in your back pack, remember?
L) Pack Pack, nak pweese??
M) alright baby... (open it and give it to her)
L) Tankt cho... (thank you)
M) Your welcome baby :)

Pull in to the school parkin lot..

M) yes maam, when we get out remeber what we talked about yesterday, you HAVE to hold mommys hand.
(FYI, this has been a BIG problem the past few days)
L) maam, maam (yes maam) mommys hand
....out of the car...
L) MOOMMMYYY... (all stressed) HAND PWEESE

Ahh Mommy bliss....

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Been a little absent I KNOW I KNOW!! :)

Can anyone other than me believe that is THURSDAY THE 4th? OMG like where has time gone. LOL Its has been a crazy busy past few weeks.  Between one of the lawyers closing her firm, and me helping with some of there stuff, and my father having surgery, its been quite hell stressful.

Last week was crazy busy with potty training, taking mac to the emergency vet, and work. So lets just say mon-fri was RUN, RUN, RUN... American idol.. SLEEP. Thats all it consisted of. Last weekend was so fun. Had dinner with the Heather and Gavin, at my trusty ole ARBYS :) Buffalo chicken popers never seem to fail my taste buds. Saturday morning, MS. Lys loo and I went and picked up Mandi and abe, and went to goodwill, and then met up with meggers, and her hubby for lunch at tastey MOTOGAS :) (you can see come pics on her blog here)


My wild, asshole sweet, loving of a cat decided to get into a mean, manly fight and ended up getting hurt. $100.00 later he had some antibiotics, and was well onto his way to recovery.

Had to clean, and pack and get ready for our LONG day trip to savannah where my amazing father had surgery. The surgery went well, I think it was a more of preventive, but if it helps a little great, kinda surgery. Hes still in alot of pain but I think its to be expected. It was a long trip where I got to incorporate, smiles, tears, facing fears, catching up with and old friend, and spending quality time with the family, all doing this with a MASSIVE amount of sleep that was almost obsolete.
 This face is what kept us all going though :)

So today I am very rested, and anxios to get home to my awating pot roast. I will post my finished product and recipe later :) Alyssa is still doing very well with potty training, still has accidents, but I believe its to be expected. Shes doing very well though :)

Thanks for joining us on this journey we call life.