Friday, February 5, 2010

Convo w/ a Toddler :)

So Kelli over at Kandid Kelli does this Convo w/ a toddler blog, almost every week You can check out her blog  here and leave her tons of love. I have been trying to pay attention to when lys and I chat to see what I can remember to try to share a "conversation" with yall :)

So here it goes.

This morning alyssa and I was rushing out the door to get to school, and work. When she goes to school, for letting mama put her "nite, nite" aka blanket into her back pack she gets a fruit snack on the way to school. Well this morning, we were running substancially a tad bit late so we I was in a hurry. As we were walkin to the car....
M) Oh no lys we forgot ur fruit snack, and ur nite nite, and momas phone.
L) NIIITE NIITE.. (all whiney)
(I put her in the seat and bucked her)
M) Mommys gonna go get it baby I will be right back...
L) K mommy go get it
(yes she was bucked in the car, I can still see her as I dash in the house for 2 min)
(I return)
L) YAY, mommy back
M) yes maam, and I got ur snack, and ur nite nite, and my phone..
L) NIIITE NIIITE.. (all whiney)
M) No lys baby, it has to go in your back pack, remember?
L) Pack Pack, nak pweese??
M) alright baby... (open it and give it to her)
L) Tankt cho... (thank you)
M) Your welcome baby :)

Pull in to the school parkin lot..

M) yes maam, when we get out remeber what we talked about yesterday, you HAVE to hold mommys hand.
(FYI, this has been a BIG problem the past few days)
L) maam, maam (yes maam) mommys hand
....out of the car...
L) MOOMMMYYY... (all stressed) HAND PWEESE

Ahh Mommy bliss....

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Amanda♥Lynne said...

So cute. Love this age...where they are talking but in their own cute little way. Love it love it love it.