Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby its friday :)

Oh friday, am I so glad to see you today :)
I can not wait to do a big nothing this weekend. I just wanna love and cuddle my little sicklin of a child, that I know is gonna be extra moody and grumpy casue she doesnt feel good.
She needed extra momma love to even get her motivated off to school. Its the kinda bitter sweet kind, cause u know she is only loving you becasue she feels bad, but I dont EVER get love like that unless she feels bad. LOL

Anyways, got her and her goodie bags off to school today, and I think I realized that I was far more excited (and spend FAR too much money) than alyssa was cause, well DUH Lelia shes 2 and has NO idea whats going on.
Oh well I wont regret not participating thats for sure.
Making her goodie bags :) (yes I kept her up late to help)

Some of the bows we put in the girls (the boys got cars)

I started making these bows, I think im doing pretty dang good for just starting. Alyssa really likes them as well.
****Small convo w/ toddler****

M) Alyssa Momma knows you arent feeling well, dont u wanna get dressed and go to school?
L) uuuuuhhhh, No (all whiney)
M) you dont wanna go give out all ur gift bags to ur friends?
L) no...
M) well do you wanna get dressed?
L) (shakes he head no this time)
M) C'mon lys dont make momma make you, we have to do this. Momma make u a new bow for your outfit today..
L) (she gasp) New BOW?
M) yes maam, see? (I show her..)
L) k, mommy pants..
(few mins later after we are dressed hair is done, and shoes are on)
alyssa goes to get her step stool, and she puts in front of the sink and stands too look at her self..
L) I pretty momma..
M) yes baby you sure are.  :)

Ahh I just love her.

This morning, her valentines outfit, and BOW :)

I just hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and valentines day :)
 Lys and I are gonna eat like queens, MOMMA is gonna grill us "A" steak, and get some baked potatoes and spicy green beans (regular for the baby), some good cresents and im more than likely gonna get a nice slice or two of cheesecake factory cheesecake for dessert:) Im sure I will have lots of pics :)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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