Friday, February 5, 2010

Just feel a little chatty:)


So i talk to you. (or type really)

*My face hurts.... falling down the stairs is something I have to stop doing really... LOL I told my mom what I done and she said "And here I was worring about alyssa and your the one that needs the baby gate" THANKS MOM!!!

* I am really excited about "this project" im doing. LOL I will post pictures sunday night but I cant ruin the suprise till then.

*I hate the litter box.. My stupid cat.. I clean the litter box every day.. WHY OH WHY does he still wanna shit in my bath tub? Please answer this ? ANYONE?!?
While on the topic of cats im very suprised at how well they well mac takes medicine. Just swallows it and goes, acts as though its no problem at all.

Since I started working im harly EVER on the computeron the weekends, the only way I even keep up with FB is because of my handy dandy celluar phone. :) Im just get tired of looking at the competer, could be a GOOD thing.

I really need to mop my foor and clean the patio this weekend :( AHH the chores I hate, that also include LAUNDRY.. That just makes me wanna pull my hair out. LOL

Im WAY WAY excited for my friend to be having her baby sunday ( well hopefully anyways ). I just wish I was there to enjoy the momentous occasion with her.

Last but not least I cant wait to see this face::

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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