Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A end to an ERA!

We started the house buying process back late February  quickly found the house we now call home. I can say without the shadow of a doubt we probably had one of the worst experiences buying a house. We got a great deal though. It was a long grueling process, and I can say the only part we enjoyed was the beginning and that was looking at the houses.

Through out many broken promises and dates, extended contracts the process finally ended this morning. It was not exciting, we signed papers for the 2nd time last friday. Both times instead of leaving the attorneys office happy and a excited family, they were both disappointing.

We were homeless for about a week and a day, our puppies were boarded shortly under 2 weeks. It was truly a roller coaster ride. One day I will sit down a tell you all about it. For now just rejoice with us that it is all over.

Alyssa is LOVING her new school, she is currently attending a christian academy. She suits her little uniforms well. The dogs are adjusting well, they cant wait to get themselves a fence.. Well I think I am the most anxious about that. I can send there little butts right on outside with no worries. Our zoie is still hiding. She seriously only comes out when Alyssa comes home from school.

We have alot of plans for the house, and will be updating you here ALOT more often :)

Here are a few photos from my iPhone, sadly I have lost the connector to my camera. :(

Im working on our first Video and a floor plan :) They will be coming soon! Keep a eye out!