Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hi blog!!

Its been a while hasnt it??
I cant believe I have been such a slacker.

I guess theres just some things I cant blog about some of the things I want to say due to some people reading that shouldnt be. Soon enough I can say things i want!

Till then, things are good... really good. Other than my anxiety thats like a flippin switch, every other week or so.
Im grabbin it by the balls and tellin it where to stick it.

Lys is good, getting big and def keeping me on my toes, that sweet girl of mine is a mess. Its quite the beautiful mess thou, and I love every aggervating at times minute of it. Shes still practicing on her letters, Not as good with her B's, and 2's yet so were going to do yet another week of those.

I cant wait for the spring and summer, I am soo excited for it to come in full swing. I have been bowling alot, its soo fun and quite the work out as well. Lys LOVES it, she carries that ball like its nothing. lol Im going to try to be thinking of a few things that can help me start to blog more, I just feel like I have to keep so many things private currently it just gets hard.

Well I hope everyone has a great day!

Thanks for joining this journey we call life.