Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 to the 6!

The day after Christmas my love bean turned a whopping 26! I am so overly happy that this makes the 2nd birthday I have gotten to celebrate with him. 

With that im going to say that I could not be happier without you in my life. I have said over and over again that I would not be where I am today with out you. You truly are a amazing man Gregory Chaney. We are lucky girls over here to get to spend everyday with you. 

ANYWAYS! I decided back in oct that I wanted to surprise him with a small party a few weeks before his birthday! Thank you for everyone that helped. Everyone met us LaNopolera where we were "going to dinner with sage and desirae" 
 It was a awesome surprise that I almost busted myself
 on a few times. After that we set off to go bowl a few rounds. 
Here a few photos from the event!

Ok, so maybe that was more than just a few photos. It truly was a great time with my love, and he has a smile on his face was stuck for days. I love you baby love. I hope 26 is a great year for you :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Although we had a amazing time, it was finally time to pack back up and head home. We did everything the same this time but we has 2 guest riders all the way back.

And yup they made it, Nixie was about . that close to riding all the way home on the antenna (OUTSIDE) the car. Anyways here are the last of the car ride photos.

So there you have it folks! Here are a few breakdowns of the total trip.

*Lowest the SS has ever been in gas.
*Longest ride EVER for kala, the dogs and the ss.
*1st time we gave the dogs some Benedryl
*3 Accidents on the way
*Tucker has about 4 Poop accidents, and about 7 pee accidents during the whole trip.
*1 Vet visits due to ^
*We had thanksgiving after thanksgiving about 4 times :)
*Ate out a total of 0 times, yup you read that right. Close your mouth I know its shocking.

Thanks for sticking through my NC segment! Hope everyone is having lots of fun with all there christmas presents!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

N.C. Part 2

While we were in NC for a total of 4 nights and 5 glorious days, it was totally AMAZING!
I love it up there so much it warms my heart thinking about it, I just feel so much at peace.
We arrived around 7 and unpacked a little and started making some pies and cheesecake, oh and ate a hot dog! Relaxed then bed.

On thanksgiving, we all made a amazing dinner full of ham and turkey and all the fixings! But none of this was before tucker got sick around 5 and pooped EVERYWHERE! I was so emberassesd.
Poor pup!

When dinner was almost ready my cousin came down with her two handsome boys who are only 3 months older than lys. Its so crazy to think that the last time they were together they werent even 1. It didnt stop them though, they played, and played and played.

The pups had a great time thereselves, they played and played, and played outside. They didnt know what to do with a big ole back yard.

That night we decided to put the baby to bed and my aunt offered to watch her while we all went out for Black friday, boy was it a good time. My Cousin sherri and kala went to best buy and stood in a horindious line for 2 leap pads (which she got) while greg and I went and farted around at other places. I ended up coming home with more rubbermaid than my cabinets would handle and 2 memory foam bath matts, and a DYSON! Yes son! Danny the dyson is my new man, he a one swipin kinga sucker and his manotverability is unbelievable. (Yes im in love, if you couldnt tell)

IAnyways the next few days came and went so quickly, and I was having so much fun I only managed to snap a few photos on the last day we were there.

It was a awesome time! We cant wait to go back :)

Merry Christmas to all!!

Our christmas was filled with lots of love, food, family and friends. IPADS, CARS, GO PROS, GAMES!

Couldnt have asked for anything better.

Thank you jesus for all the joyous blessings you have given us.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

North Carolina... Part 1

 We took the idea from my favorite blog YHL:) We decided to snap a photo every hour of driving!


Here are some of the highlights of the drive up:
*423 miles
* 8 Hours
*First road trip for Kala
*First road trip for our Charlotte ( if u dont know who that is check her out here.)
*First road trip for our furbabies.
* First time I almost ran out of gas on I-95 thanks to my sweet lover boy.
* Tucker successfully chewed up the PLASTIC, hard plastic people in the back of the truck within the first hour.
* Pups get there puppy meds (benadryl) for the first time.
* 3 accidents (nothing too horrible thankfully)

A few out takes for the fun of it :)

I love how excited kala was :)

You know like my backwards 7


Monday, December 19, 2011

a little christmas!

Whew, its been a rough, AMAZING busy, busy month with starting my new job, going to NC, and all of our awesome seasonal parties. I am going to try to blog once every day this week so I can tell you all about it, till then here is a fun little Christmas survey i got from here:

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
 Hot chocolate with marshmallows! 

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa leaves his gifts wrapped in a santa bag beside the tree!

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? I love white lights, this year greg got to help so he choose cool white led :)
4. Do you hang mistletoe? No, we don't. Not this year!

5. When do you put your decorations up? This year we put everything up the day we came home from NC which was the Sunday after thanksgiving :)

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? I am a sucker for a good salty Ham on Christmas! 
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? I always loved how we would always go to my grandmothers for Christmas eve and all be together with family. 
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? One year my dad was putting together my trampoline and it was raining and windy and after my mom got so upset that I saw him i knew since then that santa was the parento's

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Yes! We usually open one gift on Christmas Eve, and that is Pjs!! 

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Lights, ornaments and a big bow on top.

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it, since I live in fl and never get any! hehe
 12. Can you ice skate? Absolutely not! I would love to learn though.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? My favorite present was my first digital camera from my daddy.
14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Spending time with family. 

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? 

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Opening pajamas Christmas eve, then baking some cookies for Santa. We also love our elf on a shelf, nixie!

17. What tops your tree? A big bow!!

18. Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Giving. I LOVE giving. Receiving is always nice too but I love to make people around me happy.
19. Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum? YUM! 

20. Favorite Christmas show? I love all the Christmas movies.

21. Saddest Christmas Song? Is there such thing as sad Christmas songs.

22. What is your favorite Christmas song? All I want for Christmas is you, and the whole nsync Christmas album

Tomorrow i'm gonna post all about the trip to NC!! Stay Tuneddddd!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

by golly, im thankful!

I found this today while I was starting to blog for tomorrows post, I know its late and and I didnt finish, but since i'm talking about the last month this totally applies :)

Day 1: I am thankful that no matter where my life goes I always have god by my side, helping me thought any circumstance. Happy Wednesday everyone :)
Day 2: Alyssa. I am so thankful to have such a amazing little girl in my life. I could not have asked for a better gift from god.
Day 3: I am so thankful for Gregory Chaney, We have been through so much together and he has been there with me every step of the way. I would not be where I am today without you babe, so thank you for everything that you have done for not only me but for Alyssa, and Kala as well. Your pretty damn amazing, love you.
Day 4: I am so very thankful for the very supportive family I have.
Day 5: My co-workers; they are amazing ladies, and I wouldn't be so strong without them. They are amazzing.
Day 6: Even a year later my sweet carli puppy is doing even better now, than she did with 4 legs.
Day 7: I am thankful for having my sweet sister living with us and being able to have a sisterly relationship with her again.
Day 8: I am thankful for my phone calls with my mom in the mornings :)
Day 9: Morning cuddles with my loves.
Day 10: Im am so thankful that I have a great yet challenging new job. 
Day 11: Being able to help my sister get ready and send her off to all of her high school homecomings :)
Day 12: Today I am thankful for spending the evening with some great friends I have come to love.
Day 13: COUPONS! There amazing once you treat them like cash!!
Day 14: My health, My families health. That is what i'm thankful for.
Day 15: Spending a great evening at home having a blast with them <3Family Time
Day 16: For my Iphone 4 :)
Day 17:My Florida family,I don't have many friends here, but I am so thankful for the new and old ones that I have. 
Day 18: Our new stubborn baby tucker, he drives us all bonkers but he is indeed a great little puppy.
Day 19: I am so thankful for my besties, you know who you are that have been there for me through all I have gone through.
Day 20:Getting to spend thanksgiving with my family here in NC. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

.. Big Hair, Bright Earrings

Jean Jacket
Jean Skirt
Scarf in Hair

All says the 80s to me...

Yup thats what we went with today :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Watch out bad guys...

Today was hero day, and we had the perfect hero protecting us...

Bat-girl, to the rescue :)

Apparently it was Hero/Celebrity day... Ms. Savannah here was Snooki...
:) Hope these girls have a great day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

... Drum Roll Please

Yup those girls right there....
Got new jobs!!!

Will post details lata...