Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Terrrrrrrible 2's Tuesdays!

SO here we go my "fellow parents" out there. Heres you chance to gush about those terrible terrible 2's moments you little one is having today.

My little sweet lys loo has been a little under the weather lately, driving me absolutley crazy the past 2 days. I thought maybe she was just extra moody.  This morning I got up, and I said today is going to be a GOOD day damnit. Lys seemed just fine watching her show and everything this am.

I got all excited, and was eager to share my cute shirt, and heels and positive mood this am with the world.


The whiney, over dramatic, throw myself in the floor child came back. :( She drives me coo coo when this happens. I dont understand whats going on she wont talk to me. AND she gives me this face...

It REALLY breaks my heart. I dont know what I do to make her so so mad at me. I think she might have a ear infection cause this isnt my baby...(well technically ya ya u get me)


So off to the doctors we go this evening, untill then I get to sit here and wish there was some instant fix to make it all better.

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day, and thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Today as of monday...

So I thought I would post, since its been bumpteen hundred days since I last done it. I dont know if its me being so stressed, or what have you but sadly I havent been bloging like I perfer. So heres to getting back to documenting this journey we call life.

So 3 more wednesdays today! Boy oh boy! Crazy to think about everything huh? How soon everything is going to sneak up on us. How everything I have know as a family, and for the past 3 years is all going to be changed. I just want to have fun, and lots of good times. I want to remember mayport with all the good memories, and amazing friends that was made. I started watching army wives again, and boy oh boy does it get to me. I swear I tear up.

I have been moving right along on my 101. If u havent checked it out in a while u can do that here. I am really happy with my progress. :) I am still getting together my ideas for the new house in NC.Inspiration if u will. That has been really exciting thinking about that.

Lyssa has been doing great. She has her moment boy oh boy does she, and when she does it drives me bonkers. LOL Yesterday she was so bad in food lion. I dont understand why she thinks laying in the floor crying is going to help her, not once have I given in to that kind of behavior. Other than that shes pretty good. Just getting big and bratty. Anyways I Just wanted to kinda update everyone. I hope you have a amazing day!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Award!!

I found this from Kelli over at Kandid Kelli ( who's blog I love to read, and you would too ). Something to maye bring a smile to your face, and make u rember some things you are thankful for.

Here are the "rules":

1. Copy and paste the award.
2. Link to the person who sent it to you.
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Nominate other bloggers and stop by their blogs to let them know.

1. Alyssa Marie..  I can say this again and again untill im blue in the face, shes the best thing thats ever happend to me. I never though my heart could beat outside my chest, but it does everyday. Shes so amazing, in every way possible. It breaks my heart to hear people say they never what childern, casue they will never get to expierence what I do every day.

2. Photographs  I love photography with a passion, maybe this is why I love this so much. I can look at pictures all day everyday. Looking back on memories just brings a smile to my face, and any given moment.

3. Waking up with the windows open  AHH.. I absolutly LOVE this.. Its so calmin to me, to feel that cool crisp morning air on my face.

4.Pepsi...  theres nothing better to drink in the morning. Or all day actually.. ha I need to be drinking water I kno, I kno!!

5.Country Music  theres something about it, that calms me. I think I can almost relate to every country song out there. I love it and it will always be a part of me no MATTER what.

6.  Being crafty/making things  Something about a challenge of weather or not I can make or do something that thrills me. Once I accomplished it I dont do unless I need to again.

7. Waking up to a clean house  oh my! Nothing can start my morning off better, than waking up and everything neat and tidy the way it is suppose to be.

8.Reading  I love to curl up and read a good book. I for some reason ALWAYS cry expecially when its a good book, I guess it just means im really into it or emotional.. ha ha

9.  Getting my toes/nails done Some people like to tan, I love to get my toes done.. Nails just make me feel pretty, but getting my toes done just give me all the joy, and for a while after too.

10. Spending good quality with family/friends  Nothing in life is more important than making memories, or spending time with people that mean the most to you. You can always have the things you want all the time, but the memories you make will always be with you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ranting.. yes again!

So.. here it is 4 weeks till brandon comes home.
4 weeks :o

Oh me OH my!!
Its just so nerve racking everything thats been going on this deployment. To have help again, to have someone that I have to share with, and clean up after. To have someone other than me disicipline my child. This is something that every military wife has to think about and go threw when there spouse comes home. Its a very hard adjustment. 

Not only do I have these things to go threw, brandon and I have a ways to go to fix our marriage. I just hope that everything works out for the best. We are far from perfect thats for damn sure. I just wish that I could go to sleep and all the problems be solved, and all my questions be answered. I dont wanna think about the past or the things that [WE] as a married couple has endured, but I ask myself how can I move on with the future if my past still lingers in front of me. We will just have to crawl...and I just have to swallow my pride, and pray and put everything in gods hands.

The last book I was reading was called redeeming love, and in the book there was a wish box.? (I will have to look back in the book, and find the correct name)  Its where everything that was out of her control, she wrote it down on a piece of paper and placed it in the box. Kinda like just giving all the problems to god. Its perfect for someone like me that likes to be in control, its kinda of a better way to give him your problems or unanswered questions.


 I swear I have went to hell and back within the past 5 months. I have overcome so many obsticals this time. I have definaly become a stronger person. I have learned, and I have grew. I have hurt, and cried many, many tears. I have had to overcome many obsticles that I have feared for years. I feel like I have grew to amazing new heights, and within it all I have found me again. I hope to continue on this path.. I knew this year was going to be great, and I cant wait to see whats in store for me, and my lys too of course. I cant/wouldnt want to go anywhere without her.

Anyways thanks for listening--or reading-- :) On that note heres my pretty before school today & yesterday, and yes make up AGAIN? really???

thanks for joining us in This journey we call life

Friday, March 12, 2010

Randon Rantings :)

*How I somehow managed to get my, lys ready for the day. Chase the cats around the house, to get them in the crate, take them to the vet to cup the little turds balls off so they will stop fighting and maybe calm down and be lazy fat house cats get the fixed, stop by starbucks, and make it to work early. I have no freakin clue? I have a harder time getting my shit together and out the door when I have less to do.

*OMG, lys is using sentences all the time now.. She tells me yesterday.
L) Momma, I hungeee.
M) You wanna eat baby?
L) Maam, Maam. I hungeee
M) Well we are almost home, then mommas gonna cook.
L) Cookiessss
M) No maam, remember we have to eat eat first.
L) Eat Eat fisss... deennn COOKIES!
M) LOL Yes maam :)

*I think its almost time to start trying to go in panties at night again, for the past week, lys hasnt used the diaper. Shes been waiting to wake up then tell me she has to pee. Thats the only time we really ever have accidents anymore. (With the exception of when she just simply forgets)

*Im really excited to be going to ga this weekend.  Lys and I was talking to nana, and papa on the phone a few days ago, and papa said, you ready to come home to see your papa, and lys said. "YES!" Ha ha it was priceless.

*I was BEYOND pissed yesterday to come home to find that my damn dog that gor in the Effing trash sweet carli wanted a extra snack and decided to go after it in the trash. Well lets say she DOES NOT handle table scraps well. She decided to puke on my bed, and my new (just got in the mail the afternoon before) $100 VS dress. Good thing its black and stretch, or im affraid that I would have taken her back to the pound. JK PEOPLE. I look at it as hey, I guess shes telling me its time to do that dreaded spring clean, and stop procrastinating.

*While, were getting ready yesterday morning, this is what happend....
yes it was everywhere.. and yes it was waterproof mascara :)

Anyhoodle, have a good day! Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little update!!

Hello lovely family and friends :)
I just wanted to send everyone a lovely little update about our crazy, hecktic, busy, BUT amazingly beautiful life.

Things are flowing right along. Brandon comes home soon and Im very anxious, and scared, and nervous about things are going to pan out when he reterns. He found out last week on Thursday that he offically got the orders to Jacksonville, NC. We knew thats where he had put them in, but didnt know for sure that we were going there. Now we have to report by Oct 1st. Ahh its so bitter sweet. Going somewhere new, taking that step to another life with my family. But im leaving everything I know. My family will be 8 hours away. Never been that far that I cant get mad at my husband and threaten to pack my shit when times get tough. HA HA, I know I know... But we have all done it before dont pretend u havent.
I have made a life here, I have friends so close I KNOW they will be friends for life. I just dont know how to deal well with losing them. I feel like I have to pick up and start all over. I just hope everything works out for the best.

As of today im gonna make a tiny timeline of upcoming events that I need to remember to keep up with. Maybe it will help cause damnit, a calander dont. I never pull it out enough I always forget. UGH.. IM so a shitty friend at remembering birthdays as well :( Anywas im gonna add a few new pics of ms. Lyss loo!

Shes getting so big and smart, with a tid bit of the powell attitude. This morning It was like 6:30. Those of you that dont know. Alyssa still doesnt know how to open the doors, and that is alright with me. Well when she wakes up she peeks under the door and she can see me. Well she was yelling. MOMMY.. GET UP! Over and over and over... I finally said(with bed hair, and im sure a grumpy frog tone{cause my voice is practicly GONE}) "No, Mommy is sick and wants ever bit of sleep she can get. NOW you go back to your bed missy." And she does it. I never thought it would really work.. but she done it. The other evening she wanted me to read this book OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. so Finally after the bumteenthin MILLION (or what it seemed like). I told her to go read to carli and she done it.. HA HA She has NOT been wanting to talk on the phone to nana and papa lately. Nope... only a snack will make her do the what seems to be dirty work. Shes doing fairly well with potty training. I always hope to see her in the clothes I drop her off in at day care in the evenings.. Seems like 4 out of the 5 days thats what it is.. SO thats good right? So what if she has 1 or 2 accidents a week, shes still early and I think shes doing pretty damn good if U ask me. She is talking so much. I love to hear her tell me "ite der, mommy(right there)" Ahh she uses her way of what is suppose to be a pointy finger. A few days ago she told me she was sleepy right as it was bed time.. AHHH pure bliss. Since we pray everynight shes catching on the prayer, and beginning to say it more with me :) Ahh enough about that I could go on for hours about that pretty. :)

Anyways thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Not me Monday, ON TUESDAY!!!


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
*I did NOT spend 40 bucks at dicks wings friday night on dinner, and my shirt to check off my number 90 on my 101. SEE

*Alyssa and I did NOT get up sat morning and shop from 9-4:30, Finally NOT finding our homecomming dresses FINALLY. I Alyssa was NOT just the best baby I could have asked for. AHH, I love her.

*We did NOT have lunch with the neighbor, at my NOT so FAVORITE place either.

*On the way home she was NOT completly pooped.

*We did NOT have just plain yellow rice for dinner cause we were too tired to do anything.

*Sunday on the nice day we did NOT waste the day cleaning, and napping, and doing much needed house work.

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Terrible 2's Tuesday... On wednesday!

So I should start off by saying yesterday was NOT my day? It started off fine, but by the time bed time rolled around, I Just wanted to dive head first into my book, and put my mind in someone else's world.

lets rewind

 I didnt feel like cooking after work so.. We well I decided Dairy Queen it was.
I had to pry lys from "MEMO" to get her in the car to go..
When we arrive she informs me she has to pee...
We go and take care of out business, order I food and pleasently wait for the chicken to be done.
I asked the cashier to wait to make our ice cream cause I wanted lys to eat her dinner first.
When she realized that she wasnt getting the ice cream first, what does she do u might ask me?
What any toddler would do...
throw herself on the floor and weep OH SO dramaticly.
After our little chat that we ALWAYS have when this occurs, she then realized she has to eat first..
Things were going so smoothly, she practicly ate all her chicken and I was about to go ask the lady to make our ice cream, and you wouldnt believe what happens?!?
She Pees Her PANTS!!
I knew it was going to happen one day.. but it had to be the day I WASNT prepared. It became a HUGE ordeal. She wouldnt walk, I had to get the lady to make our ice creams to go. I had my hands completly full..Then I drop my soda and make another HUGE mess. While im trying to get that somewhat cleaned up alyssa.. basically gets NAKED in dariry queen. She knew she didnt like having then wet clothes on. Well it was windy and COLD last night. She couldnt walk to the car bottomless... ugh It was a huge mess. When we make it to the car I get her undressed, and she finally gets to enjoy her ice cream bottomless. :) She was very happy about that.

We finish the evening with a long bath with her and I.. (yes I got in the bath with her yesterday) and we played with her toys, and talked about what sounds animals make, and we counted. After that she screamed bloody murder to go to bed... so after she calms herself down, I go back in her room to say her prayers, and etc.

This morning the first thing she does is ask to watch.. Guess
I dont even know what to do about this?!?
Its starting to seem as though thats ALL she wants to do. It makes me really sad.
She doesnt wanna get dressed or anything. I need some advice in this part guys. What should I do?

Anyways she then throws another fit in the floor cause she cant have "go-gurt aka yogert" in the car. UGH!! Anyways I finally get my grumps off to school.

So lets hear it parents.. What are some of ur babies moments here lately? What is some advice you could possibly give me about the movie, and tv situation?

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Its been WAYY too long!

So here it dang it is Tuesday MARCH the 2nd!

I cannot believe it. Time is flying by. I really have got to stop slacking in this blog. I dont know if I have been getting "Writters block" or whatever but I have so many drafts that I havent posted. I am in the process of finishing my "A day in my life" post. It just takes a while to finish editing and posting all the pictures.

We havent been up to a whole lot. Just mainly doin our daily routein. Here are a few pics of lys the past few days!

She has been doing so well with potty, and with school. She says and does new stuff everyday. It truely is amazing this age they are in. She really knows right from wrong, she knows when shes doing something that will make me proud, she knows how to help me clean up.

Shes becoming so so girly. HA HA. I guess its what I have done to her. She love to wear bows now! She says "I pretty mommy!" Yes baby you sure are. Necklaces, and earrings :) I guess I need to get her a jewelry box. :) Shes pointing and using words such as "rite der, I did it, i go poo poo/pee pee potty mommy" Just all kinds of things. She says mommy about 500 times a day. Sometimes I just wanna change my name. HA HA.

Last week the radiator on my car blew up :( That was a tramatic story. It was the first time I had to call into work, and I felt HORRIBLE!! (Despite the odds it was nice to have a extra day with my lyss)

Soon I have alot coming up. Having dinner with the girlies thursday, I wanna go to the races here soon, and The weekend after that its heidis wedding.. (OMG I dont have a dress for me or lys) Then St. Pattys day, Daylight Savings Time, and the First Day of Spring. Lots and lots of fun things to do.. :)

Anyways thanks for being so patient while I get back into my routein blogging in this journey we call life.