Friday, March 12, 2010

Randon Rantings :)

*How I somehow managed to get my, lys ready for the day. Chase the cats around the house, to get them in the crate, take them to the vet to cup the little turds balls off so they will stop fighting and maybe calm down and be lazy fat house cats get the fixed, stop by starbucks, and make it to work early. I have no freakin clue? I have a harder time getting my shit together and out the door when I have less to do.

*OMG, lys is using sentences all the time now.. She tells me yesterday.
L) Momma, I hungeee.
M) You wanna eat baby?
L) Maam, Maam. I hungeee
M) Well we are almost home, then mommas gonna cook.
L) Cookiessss
M) No maam, remember we have to eat eat first.
L) Eat Eat fisss... deennn COOKIES!
M) LOL Yes maam :)

*I think its almost time to start trying to go in panties at night again, for the past week, lys hasnt used the diaper. Shes been waiting to wake up then tell me she has to pee. Thats the only time we really ever have accidents anymore. (With the exception of when she just simply forgets)

*Im really excited to be going to ga this weekend.  Lys and I was talking to nana, and papa on the phone a few days ago, and papa said, you ready to come home to see your papa, and lys said. "YES!" Ha ha it was priceless.

*I was BEYOND pissed yesterday to come home to find that my damn dog that gor in the Effing trash sweet carli wanted a extra snack and decided to go after it in the trash. Well lets say she DOES NOT handle table scraps well. She decided to puke on my bed, and my new (just got in the mail the afternoon before) $100 VS dress. Good thing its black and stretch, or im affraid that I would have taken her back to the pound. JK PEOPLE. I look at it as hey, I guess shes telling me its time to do that dreaded spring clean, and stop procrastinating.

*While, were getting ready yesterday morning, this is what happend....
yes it was everywhere.. and yes it was waterproof mascara :)

Anyhoodle, have a good day! Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Anonymous said...

That mascara picture is too cute! :) Have a wonderful weekend!