Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Terrrrrrrible 2's Tuesdays!

SO here we go my "fellow parents" out there. Heres you chance to gush about those terrible terrible 2's moments you little one is having today.

My little sweet lys loo has been a little under the weather lately, driving me absolutley crazy the past 2 days. I thought maybe she was just extra moody.  This morning I got up, and I said today is going to be a GOOD day damnit. Lys seemed just fine watching her show and everything this am.

I got all excited, and was eager to share my cute shirt, and heels and positive mood this am with the world.


The whiney, over dramatic, throw myself in the floor child came back. :( She drives me coo coo when this happens. I dont understand whats going on she wont talk to me. AND she gives me this face...

It REALLY breaks my heart. I dont know what I do to make her so so mad at me. I think she might have a ear infection cause this isnt my baby...(well technically ya ya u get me)


So off to the doctors we go this evening, untill then I get to sit here and wish there was some instant fix to make it all better.

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day, and thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Anonymous said...

I hope she feels better soon. And remember that every day is a good day with your little girl.