Monday, March 29, 2010

Today as of monday...

So I thought I would post, since its been bumpteen hundred days since I last done it. I dont know if its me being so stressed, or what have you but sadly I havent been bloging like I perfer. So heres to getting back to documenting this journey we call life.

So 3 more wednesdays today! Boy oh boy! Crazy to think about everything huh? How soon everything is going to sneak up on us. How everything I have know as a family, and for the past 3 years is all going to be changed. I just want to have fun, and lots of good times. I want to remember mayport with all the good memories, and amazing friends that was made. I started watching army wives again, and boy oh boy does it get to me. I swear I tear up.

I have been moving right along on my 101. If u havent checked it out in a while u can do that here. I am really happy with my progress. :) I am still getting together my ideas for the new house in NC.Inspiration if u will. That has been really exciting thinking about that.

Lyssa has been doing great. She has her moment boy oh boy does she, and when she does it drives me bonkers. LOL Yesterday she was so bad in food lion. I dont understand why she thinks laying in the floor crying is going to help her, not once have I given in to that kind of behavior. Other than that shes pretty good. Just getting big and bratty. Anyways I Just wanted to kinda update everyone. I hope you have a amazing day!!

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