Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Its been WAYY too long!

So here it dang it is Tuesday MARCH the 2nd!

I cannot believe it. Time is flying by. I really have got to stop slacking in this blog. I dont know if I have been getting "Writters block" or whatever but I have so many drafts that I havent posted. I am in the process of finishing my "A day in my life" post. It just takes a while to finish editing and posting all the pictures.

We havent been up to a whole lot. Just mainly doin our daily routein. Here are a few pics of lys the past few days!

She has been doing so well with potty, and with school. She says and does new stuff everyday. It truely is amazing this age they are in. She really knows right from wrong, she knows when shes doing something that will make me proud, she knows how to help me clean up.

Shes becoming so so girly. HA HA. I guess its what I have done to her. She love to wear bows now! She says "I pretty mommy!" Yes baby you sure are. Necklaces, and earrings :) I guess I need to get her a jewelry box. :) Shes pointing and using words such as "rite der, I did it, i go poo poo/pee pee potty mommy" Just all kinds of things. She says mommy about 500 times a day. Sometimes I just wanna change my name. HA HA.

Last week the radiator on my car blew up :( That was a tramatic story. It was the first time I had to call into work, and I felt HORRIBLE!! (Despite the odds it was nice to have a extra day with my lyss)

Soon I have alot coming up. Having dinner with the girlies thursday, I wanna go to the races here soon, and The weekend after that its heidis wedding.. (OMG I dont have a dress for me or lys) Then St. Pattys day, Daylight Savings Time, and the First Day of Spring. Lots and lots of fun things to do.. :)

Anyways thanks for being so patient while I get back into my routein blogging in this journey we call life.

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Anonymous said...

She's adorable! I love the flower in her hair in that one picture.