Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Terrible 2's Tuesday... On wednesday!

So I should start off by saying yesterday was NOT my day? It started off fine, but by the time bed time rolled around, I Just wanted to dive head first into my book, and put my mind in someone else's world.

lets rewind

 I didnt feel like cooking after work so.. We well I decided Dairy Queen it was.
I had to pry lys from "MEMO" to get her in the car to go..
When we arrive she informs me she has to pee...
We go and take care of out business, order I food and pleasently wait for the chicken to be done.
I asked the cashier to wait to make our ice cream cause I wanted lys to eat her dinner first.
When she realized that she wasnt getting the ice cream first, what does she do u might ask me?
What any toddler would do...
throw herself on the floor and weep OH SO dramaticly.
After our little chat that we ALWAYS have when this occurs, she then realized she has to eat first..
Things were going so smoothly, she practicly ate all her chicken and I was about to go ask the lady to make our ice cream, and you wouldnt believe what happens?!?
She Pees Her PANTS!!
I knew it was going to happen one day.. but it had to be the day I WASNT prepared. It became a HUGE ordeal. She wouldnt walk, I had to get the lady to make our ice creams to go. I had my hands completly full..Then I drop my soda and make another HUGE mess. While im trying to get that somewhat cleaned up alyssa.. basically gets NAKED in dariry queen. She knew she didnt like having then wet clothes on. Well it was windy and COLD last night. She couldnt walk to the car bottomless... ugh It was a huge mess. When we make it to the car I get her undressed, and she finally gets to enjoy her ice cream bottomless. :) She was very happy about that.

We finish the evening with a long bath with her and I.. (yes I got in the bath with her yesterday) and we played with her toys, and talked about what sounds animals make, and we counted. After that she screamed bloody murder to go to bed... so after she calms herself down, I go back in her room to say her prayers, and etc.

This morning the first thing she does is ask to watch.. Guess
I dont even know what to do about this?!?
Its starting to seem as though thats ALL she wants to do. It makes me really sad.
She doesnt wanna get dressed or anything. I need some advice in this part guys. What should I do?

Anyways she then throws another fit in the floor cause she cant have "go-gurt aka yogert" in the car. UGH!! Anyways I finally get my grumps off to school.

So lets hear it parents.. What are some of ur babies moments here lately? What is some advice you could possibly give me about the movie, and tv situation?

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.


Amanda♥Lynne said...

Abram is big into movies and toons. When he gets bad-too involved in movies and toons and not involved enough in life-we just limit him. One movie or toon a day. Then occupy him with something else he likes at the other times like play-doh or baking cookies or playing outside...something like that.

Anonymous said...

Does she play when she watches it? Or just stay glued?

I put Nemo on for E (its her fav as well that and Lilo & Stitch) but she plays and runs around from room to room and gets her babies and animals and cars and such while its on. But heaven forbid I try and turn it off while she is playing, I think she likes to hear it and glance over at it every now and again.

If she was glued then I would do what Amanda recommended.

Good Luck!!