Tuesday, December 29, 2009

101 Things in 1001 days

Alright.. so I seen this a while back and always wanted to do it.. so what more of a perfect time to start other than the new year :) Here it goes

Start Date: Dec 28th, 2009

End Date: Sept 24th 2012.

1.Volunteer for something.
2.Take some kind of photography class.
3.Make a patchwork quilt for myself.
4.Write a will.
5.Join Bookcrossing.com
6.Read 50 Books :) (05,50)
Take Two/Karen Kingbury
Dear John/Nicholas Sparks
The Last Song/Nicholas Sparks
Redeeming Love/Francine Rivers
Vision in White/Nora Roberts
Bed of Roses/Nora Roberts
7.Write a letter to Alyssa and put it away. 1/25/2011
8.Write down Family and Friends birthday and mail cards.
9.Tour a whinery.
10.Make a scrapbook of my journey.
11.Pay off all debt.
12.Start Recycling.Started 1/5/10, Ended 9/15/2010
Due to moving to the apt
13.Watch a sunrise! 6/19/2010
14.Dont spend a cent for a week.
15.Eat at 10 Resturants you never ate at before.(10,10)
Al's Pizza-- YUMMO 2/2010
Larrys Giant Subs -- 3/2010
River City Brewing Company--4/2010
Millers Ale House--5/2010
Rainforest Cafe--7/2010
Hunan L'Rose--11/2010
Salt life--2/2011
Mitchells Fish Market--3/2011
Bahama Breeze--3/2011
16.Kiss in the rain♥
17.Have a picnic outside.8/2010
18.Send 6 friends a just becasue gift:) (1,6)
19.Start alyssa's Scrapbook of her journey.
20.Save every $5 I come across.
21.Start alyssa a savings account.Started 12/28/09
22.Start a christmas fund for next year and add 10 a paycheck. :) Started 12/28/09
23.Go commando for a day :P2/7/2010
24.Take a train somewhere.
25.See a show at a theater. Disney on Ice 4/10/2010
26.Go to a concert. 10/26/2010
27.Feed a homeless man a home cooked meal :)
28.Teach alyssa to ride her tricycle. 3/2011
29.Make a portfolio.
30.Buy fresh flowers once a month for 12 months.(0,12)
31.Go camping.
32.Make my bed everyday for a month.(31,31)
33.Get a "Little Black Dress"
34.Take a hoover boat tour.
35.Go to a midnight movie.
36.Get myself a nice right hand ring for daily wear:)
37.Write 101 things that bring you pleasure.
38.Make something from pottery.
39.Swim with dolphins.
40.Try a new recipe a month with post :)
41.Collect all change and cash in on day 1001.
42.Get Life insurance for the parento's.
43.Play "Put-Put" golf. 5-16-2010
44.Record one thing a day for 30 days that make me happy :) (1,30)
7/22 Gregory
45.Save every turtle I see in the road :)
46.Do a sponsored walk for charity
47.Make a new coctail:)
48.Actually get color contacts!! 2/27/2010
49.Make a "A day in my life" post.
50.Go horseback ridding.
51.Take a horse and carriage ride:)
52.See a comedy show.
53.Have a guest over for lunch/dinner on sunday once a month.(1,12)
April 2011- Anme Saggau
54.Have a girls weekend somewhere:)
55.Donate 101 things to good will. Jan-Sept 2010
56.Make alyssa a patchwoork quilt :)
57.Buy 20 new acccessioies I love. (13,20)

58.Take some dance lessons.
59.Take a course at a craft sotre.( cake decorating, etc)
60.Treat my face to a mask 101 times.(3,101)
61.Play in the rain with my Lyss-Loo!!
here :)
62.Take some Dog treats to a shelter.
63.Post a positive quote for 30 days(doesnt have to be consecutive).(6,30)
‎*.. Im gonna smile cause I deserve too!
*Your attitude is your foundation. When you're content with yourself, fulfillment follows :)
*Believes that challenges come before us so that we can discover the magnitude of our inner strength, and without such challenges we will never grow stronger!
*Sometimes, we never know if the decision we made was the right one, but that's when we have to trust ourselves & believe everything worked out for a reason.
*Thinks you only get to live once, so you should smile a lot, laugh more, keep memories close, but don't get caught in the past, love life, and live it full!
*But the struggle makes you stronger, and the changes make you wise, and happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time. Life isn't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride.
64.Collect 50 box tops and donate then to a local school.(0,50)
65.Mail a postcard with postcrossing.com
66.Use my reusable bags when I go shopping for a month.
67.Buy some cute reusable grocery bags. 3/2011
68.Get a professional massage.
69.Eat fruit everyday for a week.(0,7)
70.Bake a new dessert once a month for a year.(0,12)
71.Do the 26 thing at least once.
72.Start a herb garden.
73.Take a candle lit bubble bath every month for a year.
74.Take carli for a walk everyday for a week.
75.Bring my lunch to work Mon-Thur, lunch. Everyday for 2 months.
76.Blog once a week for 2 months.
77.Take my sister bowling.
78.Take my sister skating.
79.Go Ice skating.
80.Rent a movie once a week with redbox.
81.Leave a favorite book on a bench for someone else to pick up and enjoy.
82.Make a homemade pizza.
83.Own a pair of red bottom shows (real or fake it doesnt matter)
84.Make a cross stictch picture.
85.Complete a 1000 piece puzzle.
86.Make homemade goods for my friends on christmas.
87.Watch all the seasons of any tv show by choice.
88.Visit a plantatarium.
89.Look at the star that is named after me.
90.Get a "I perfer dicks to hooters" T-shirt. 3/5/2010
See Here
91.Croquet a scarf.
92.Start and complete project 365.
Doing this instead!
93.Record everymile stone alyssa reaches.
94.Get a fire proof safe for important documents.
95.Make sure all my photos are on a site somewhere.
96.Take my dad and sister to a nascar race.
97.Go to a horse race and bet on a horse.
98.Go shopping on BLACK FRIDAY!!
99.Send annonamous flowers to someone who is having a bad day :)
100. Get alyssas real birth certificate.3/29/2010
101Inspire someone else to do 101 things in 1001 days.Mandy

When its strikethru, that means its done, and it has the competed date to the right.
When its bold that means its in progress.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year New Me :)

So... There are a few changes I want to make this upcoming year.
I want to live life to the fullest, but who doesnt right?!?

Therefore my new years resolutions are as follows:
  1. Eat Healthier..Not so much junk food.
  2. Cut down on my soda. (Lord please help me)
  3. I think I have lost some of  myself somewhere alone this journey. Its time to get it back.
  4. I want to document my life more thru.. you guessed it this blog :)
Thats about all for now.. If I think of anything else I will be sure to let you know. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

My yesterday phone call..

I was thankfully driving home yesterday from work, just buzzin along listening to my music and my phone rang. It was my deployed husband♥.. and so like any militay wife with a depolyed husband I answered the phone asap with a huge grin on my face. We were talking about the new job and how alyssa was doing and all the drama thats going on around this place, and that danged boat.

We then started talking about christmas and how crappy it was that they were coming home, and everything. Then he told me that he had sent alyssa and I some cards in the mail, and I didnt realize it at first but then started thinking about it...I didnt give him any cards to send out!?! So I asked him about it. Well he informed me that some schools and other places put together these boxes for the deployed sailors. Now, I knew this random act of kindness happend all over the world, but never has anything ever like this happend to us.

I just wanted to say thanks, to anyone out there who has participated in something like this. Just the simple fact that he can send our baby girl a birthday card, really moved me. I know she doesnt understand but one day when she does we can bring it back out and show her. So thank you again for amazing me in         
    this journey we call life...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I feel like im here there and EVERYWHERE!!

SO.. those of you who dont know this is actually my first week for working a full time job since I was prego.. which im my calculations are right is about umm?? 2 years and 8 months, wow does time fly fast huh? ANYWAYS, so things are going farily well just feel kinda overwhelmed. Its just hard to go from taking care of that prissy, yet amazing daughter of mine to working in a office with all adults. LOL

The amazing part is I miss her, but I am actually amazed that I dont feel to left out of her life. I get to spend amazing evening time with her. We actually ate dinner on the couch in front of the tv yesterday. It was really nice, and then we contined to blow rasberries, and play nosey nosey afterwards. Oh it was AMAZING!!

Other than being absent from that little blessing, I feel like im losing touch with all my friends. I know they understand, but sometimes I dont think they understand to the full extent sometimes. Right now, im just so tired, and stressed, and missing my baby girl, and the help around the house I could definatly use.. my evening nap I took everday. I just want people to understand that yes, I may be a little moody and stressed, not to mention not thinking straight. Therefore not going about things the way I use to. Just give me time to get use to this routien to settle.

Sorry if I blew off a little steam there. LOL Felt kinda good actually :) Anyways thanks for following on
this journey we call life.