Friday, December 11, 2009

My yesterday phone call..

I was thankfully driving home yesterday from work, just buzzin along listening to my music and my phone rang. It was my deployed husband♥.. and so like any militay wife with a depolyed husband I answered the phone asap with a huge grin on my face. We were talking about the new job and how alyssa was doing and all the drama thats going on around this place, and that danged boat.

We then started talking about christmas and how crappy it was that they were coming home, and everything. Then he told me that he had sent alyssa and I some cards in the mail, and I didnt realize it at first but then started thinking about it...I didnt give him any cards to send out!?! So I asked him about it. Well he informed me that some schools and other places put together these boxes for the deployed sailors. Now, I knew this random act of kindness happend all over the world, but never has anything ever like this happend to us.

I just wanted to say thanks, to anyone out there who has participated in something like this. Just the simple fact that he can send our baby girl a birthday card, really moved me. I know she doesnt understand but one day when she does we can bring it back out and show her. So thank you again for amazing me in         
    this journey we call life...

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