Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Cozy Kitty Cabinet :)

So if any of you out there are kitty lovers, you may have the same problem as we do.

In the old apartment we had a small little nook to put the big bulky litter box.. this place we dont. SO when it became a "no, i dont want it in here" "its not going there" "Really? Not there please"
We knew we had to find another alternative for it. We started searching around and found a few options. They had things at the stores, but they were cheap and not even attractive for the eye. 

While searching on my current love pinterest, really when am I not on there? I came across a few alternatives like this one.
You can find it here.

We loved a idea for that. So we set out to look at a few places for a option for the cabinet. Then we found this ugly one from good will for a whopping 25 buckaroos.

She was old and missing that middle bar, but we knew that we could make her young, fun and usable again.

I was set on going with a calm, nice soothing grey. I thought it would flow nicely. So I went out and got it, and the new knobs to go with, and a few other things we needed to complete the project.

We had to take all the hardware, drawers, and doors off.

Then with the wood filler, we had to fill the holes where the inside handles are. This took several days to put i on, let it dry, re sand, & repeat!

My man soon got to work out there in the blistering august heat to sand ur down for me. It took him about 2 good hours of hard work. Thx, babe :)

Then we cut the hole for the little kitty :)

Painted the hardware with some beautiful ORB :)

I got to work on painting it, and i just knew after about one side that it color wasn't right. I kept on going in hopes that my mind would change and it didn't. It was had too much of a blue tint to the grey. 

I  brought it inside for a few days in hoping I would change my mind, nope that didn't happen. 

So back to the store I went, and got something different. This one I love, and it looks perfect on the cabinet. I cant show you yet cause its not done but it will be done before monday I promise.

...untill the next post!

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