Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Summertime :)

*Is so excited that my baby sister is here for the summer with us, we really enjoy our summers together.

*My girl is getting so big and bratty, but she can be oh so sweet. Lately she has been all about me, and oober clingy. To be honest im just trying to enjoy it, not often does she want to cuddle with me.

*I've started another book yesterday, oh how I just love to read Karen Kingbury books shes such a amazing author.

*Is soo excited that my big 25 is in about 12 days... not that im counting or anything.

*Having a celebrating next weekend with my loves. Im so very excited!

*My divorce is almost done. Its so close I can taste, can I say how amazing it will be to finally be done with all this crap. To anyone that goes threw a divorce, i really pitty you. It blows BIT TIME.

*Lys is so loving summer time. She loves to go to the beach or the pool. Not afraid at all. Hopefully I can get her some swim lessons this summer cause I think she would totally swim if shown what to do. (she doesnt wanna learn with me)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.