Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello ALL!!
Its been far too long since I have last posted. I have written alot, and turned right around and deleted them, cause I didnt know if eveyone wanted to hear my deepest and darkest fears, and worries.
Besides all that brandon is home, and boy is it good to have help around the house again. We have gotten alot of stuff taken care of that was well needed to be done. 

Lyssa is so happy to have her daddy home, lemme tell ya. I have to say that shes been pretty magnificent :) Daddy and I take her to school, cause thats how she wants it. If I go to leave to take her and he isnt up, she yells "C'mon daddy!"  Its quite cute. Then when she gets to school she starts crying when we leave again :( I think its just the change. Since he has been on leave then he picks her up early, and goes home and makes me dinner. WOO HOO. Its about time that I have someone make me dinner around the dang place. Feels pretty awesome to not have So much on my plate. Lys and I go check the mail when I get there and its "our" thing we do :) Isnt it funny the routeins that just being to happen?

I have went to ZUMBA 2 times since brandon has been home and its been so FUN!  I am going to start going. I really enjoy the time just dancin. HA HA (even if I look like fool when I dont know the routeins.)

Brandon has been still waiting patiently on getting his motor for that car. Thats been something all in itself. I ordered some new books. All 3 of "The Bride Quartlet", and A military book. I will keep you updated on how all that goes. Super excited to read the last one of the Series thou. ( I borrowed the other 2 from my bestie Traci, and HAD to have all 3.)

Few pics from this last 2 weeks.

 Anyways Due to the fact that we will be moving soon, and I want all new furniture, I have alot of inspiration ideas, that I am gonna need yalls help with. So here in the next few days im going to post rooms, with a poll so U can help me choose whats u like and what u think would best fit me.

So till then, thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mommy and Me

Welcome to Mommy & Me Monday which I stole from Kelli hosted by Krystyn. Here is what Mommy & Me Monday is all about...

Krystyn writes... "So, I am starting up a “Mommy and Me Monday.” I am challenging you to get at least a picture of yourself with you child, or children once a week. Then, on Mondays, you post that “Mommy and Me” picture with or without a story or fun anecdote about you and that child (not necessarily relating to the picture, just about you and the subject of that picture)."

The day before easter, we were playin outside just after dying our easter eggs. :)