Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Recap

A friend and fellow blogger Erin over at Life as wiggle made a post today and I wanted to follow in suit, since I didn't blog at all last year to give a recap of out amazing year that we had. It was defiantly full of some high times, and then some low times.

We got ENGAGED!!! Ekkk
Had our engagement photos taken.
Booked our weeding venue.

Alyssa wrote all the names of her classmates valentines cards.
Greg ran the fastest times in Charlotte, (TBSS.)
We redone our laundry room.
I also purchased my wedding dress. (Which is not pictured)

 We had a fantastic first Easter in the house. We had a neighborhood egg hunt.. It was super fun.
We went down to Gainesville for our 3rd annual Gator-nationals. It was not the same because Gregs dad was not with us.
Alyssa decided to start doing her own hair.
Our house flooded for the first time, It had someting to do with the washing machine. It was a mess!
What isn't pictured is, Gregs mom came to visit us over spring break and helped us make our house a little homier. Also, Greg and I had to take a emergency to MD, when gregs dad had a stroke. It was an emotional visit, but he is doing much better now. It was my first time being away from Lys for 5 days, and boy did it take its tole on me.

April had so much wedding stuff going on that there was no way I could put everything in this post, we did get away for the day to one of the always fun car cruises with RCP.
For the wedding though, we had our Engagement Party, got our wedding rings, and got our marriage license, but otherwise it was very busy getting everything else done and ready.

I'm sorry, well not sorry! Admit it, you knew 2 was coming for this month. It truly was FANTASTIC. Best, most amazing, stressful but completely worth it month ever! It started out with the best wedding.
Alyssa got to drive for the first time.
Alyssa had her first field trip and her last day of VPK.
We had a great visit to St. Aug with sadie and kris.
Our fridge died, wedding week! So we had to get a new one.

In June we relaxed and broke out the water hose, and had some good water fights.
Alyssa knocked out 2 teeth from playing Risky Business in the kitchen.
Celebrated my birthday with some friends at the RAM and dinner and drinks after.

Newspapers the front yard cause were tired of weeding :)
Alyssa shot her first BB Gun.
Spent countless afternoons in our backyard with the pool and waterhose.
Spent a rainy 4th with our sadie :)

Lost 2 more teeth.
Alyssa had her first major procedure.
Alyssa started soccer.
Alyssa also started kindergarten. bad mom for not fitting it in I know :(
Bought Genvieve our beater :)

September is always hard for us....
Alyssa did catch her first fish, and leave me my first love note though :)

In october we traveled back to Maryland for a visit. We got to tour some of the city with Mike and Julia which was super fun.
Alyssa done her first oil change, and experienced the races at Golden Isles for the first  time. :)

Alyssa got glasses this month, and experienced her first fall festival.
We enjoyed spending thanksgiving with all of our Florida family as well :)

 December was consumed with family and doctor appointments. I had my first surgery on Dec. 19th. We just relaxed and spent a lot of time together, and had a great christmas :)

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