Sunday, April 15, 2012

Im ashamed!

and I know I should be?
How could I leave you without any hello since Jan 31st? 

If it counts for anything my laptop had died for about 2 of those months, and I don't like blogging on the iPad. 
Your gonna be really mad when you hear all that's happened since then. 

* House Hunting
* 14 days of valentines and the best present for me ever!
* Finding the house and putting a contracting in.
* First trip to the zoo.
*First race of the season for Charlotte.
*Prom dress shopping.
* Easter with the family.
* Family visit with some gator nationals. 
*bingo & pizza weds:)
*Lys first boy crush kiss.
.. and many many more fun times.

To start with the most important the HOUSE!
We found her and although I have only seen her twice, shes perfect for us. 
Its a short sale and its been 5 weeks tomorrow since we put in the contract (not that im counting or anything) we are still waiting to hear back from the bank. We havent even posted a picture of it anywhere untill today. So here it goes, lets keep our fingers crossed that im not cursing our sale by posting the pic. 

We LOVE it! Its perfect for us, 4 bdrm 2 bath. Its on the north-side of Jacksonville by the airport. It has a nice side back yard and butts up to preserve so no one will ever be back there.. Ekkk :) I can not tell you how ecstatic we are about it. More pics and details about the whole buying process when we hear there is a signed contract with the selling bank.

My favorite Valentines to day was this year. I was a honorable patron of the 14 days of valentines. I kept Mr.Chaney on his toes. I wish I had documented what all I had done everyday but I didn't, but I can tell you that he was all curious of what I had coming for him. Little did I know he had it coming for me. He had been planning to get me earring that matched the engagement ring I pinned on pinterest.  He took the photos and had then design and custom make the earrings, talk about one happy girl! Yup that meee :)

We went to the zoo on March 18th, it was a perfect day to go. The neighbors downstairs went with us and it was a great time. :)

It was such a successful day that lys took a short nap putting her puzzle together. I couldnt help it but snap a photo :)

And I will have to make a part 2 and tell you the rest maybe this afternoon, im sure I have made you all fall asleep already. :)