Thursday, December 10, 2009

I feel like im here there and EVERYWHERE!!

SO.. those of you who dont know this is actually my first week for working a full time job since I was prego.. which im my calculations are right is about umm?? 2 years and 8 months, wow does time fly fast huh? ANYWAYS, so things are going farily well just feel kinda overwhelmed. Its just hard to go from taking care of that prissy, yet amazing daughter of mine to working in a office with all adults. LOL

The amazing part is I miss her, but I am actually amazed that I dont feel to left out of her life. I get to spend amazing evening time with her. We actually ate dinner on the couch in front of the tv yesterday. It was really nice, and then we contined to blow rasberries, and play nosey nosey afterwards. Oh it was AMAZING!!

Other than being absent from that little blessing, I feel like im losing touch with all my friends. I know they understand, but sometimes I dont think they understand to the full extent sometimes. Right now, im just so tired, and stressed, and missing my baby girl, and the help around the house I could definatly use.. my evening nap I took everday. I just want people to understand that yes, I may be a little moody and stressed, not to mention not thinking straight. Therefore not going about things the way I use to. Just give me time to get use to this routien to settle.

Sorry if I blew off a little steam there. LOL Felt kinda good actually :) Anyways thanks for following on
this journey we call life.

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