Thursday, June 24, 2010

Since I have been MIA.. I owe you to tell you whats been goin on..

First I should say that Peytons services were really nice.
VERY HARD..but it was nice.

Since then I am happy to report that my darkness (the horrible worry factor) has very much subsided. Things have been going somewhat back to whatever u wanna call  normal. Saturday morning I woke up early and Mandy came and picked me up and we went and watched the sunrise, and had good girl time and studed the bible. I really needed that.

 We didnt do much after then went to there house and had dinner. After we left what was a awesome dinner, and lovely people (thanks guys). The husband and I got into a miserable fight and I kicked him out.. It was a first for me, and it was SOO difficult. I just wish that something would come out of all this. I wish that we could just make up or either give up. This in between stuff is driving me crazy!! BIG TIME!

Dont worry thou he came back like 20 mins later wish pepsi in hand, and willing to talk. So thats good at least, and hes back home. Other than that nothing really new is going on. My dog scratched my new couches the other day, so lets say shes gated off in the kitchen. :( I hate to do that to her but I cant have her messing uo the new stuff.

So once again I have changed my mind about lys room inspiration. And I have totally decided what its going to be and im so confident in it im going to start getting stuff. PLUS I think that I can do it a whole lot cheaper this way. :) So here it is :):)


Jessica said...

that room is gonna be gorgeous!

Erica said...

Her room is going to be absolutely gorgeous!! I am sorry for the troubles you are going through darling! I'm here if you ever want to talk.