Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pepsi & Sweet Sixteen......

*Make a GREAT combo for breakfast :)

*So I think that I forgot to mention that saturday i got stung by something.. what I have no Idea , but it hurt like HELL!!
I almost wanted to cry, and to top it off I didnt do anything.. The low life bug was just wanted to commit a hate crime, and I hope it died..

This was my leg.. 2 days later
And today it looks like a HUGE bruise.. All the ladies at work says that it was a allergic reaction. :( So I guess now im offically allergic to wasp thing stings. AHH

* So I have ran into another parenting problem. I hope its just not me either..  At the age of 2, alyssa is a great little girl. She is smart, and sweet, and funny, BUT sometimes I guess the "terrible two's" come out. To be quite honest I dont really know what to do when we are in public. When we are at home and nothing works, I take her to her bedroom tell her that since she cant listen then she gets to sit to herself for a min. Although she kicks and screams and yells and can open her own door she doesnt like it, she actually sits there and deals with it. I then go get her, and talk to her about it, and she actually listens for like the rest of the day. Its pure bliss actually. As soon as we go out in public though she acts so bad now..You know gets in the clothes rack and hides, and I try my best to tell her no, and to act right but eventally it always turns out the same. Along the lines of me or daddy dragging her out the store kicking, and trying to talk to her about her behavior as she bucking, and telling us no.


*So I have so been slacking on my 101. I need someone to get my butt in gear!

*I really wish my hubby would stop thinking we are going to make thousands of dollars from moving ourselves. I think hes crazy, and would really like for him to make up his mind on what he wants to do.

*I am SUPER excited about my sat morning with Mandi :) I will have to tell you all about what we are going to do MONDAY.. due to the lack of internet at out house.. Gotta love me some AT&T.. they have been the best service providers EVER...... NOT!!!

*Peytons services will be: Wednesday at 6 is the viewing.
                                     Thursday at 11 is the funeral.
(This will be probley one of the hardest things I will have to do, so please keep the prayers rolling. There are some family issues going on, so the family can still use LOTS of prayers right now.)

*Lunch?!? Chinese or pizza?!? The decisions contine..

Till then thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.


Amanda♥Lynne said...

Long response to each thing, lol :)

I have the same reaction to some bites. I have one I got a few days ago, but it's only maybe half that size, but I got one a few weeks ago while sleeping that was about that big, then bruised up after a few days. Hurt like a bitch too, it didn't itch until about four days after it happend-just was super sore. I hate bugs. Hope yours feels better soon!!

I think you are doing just about all you can do with the terrible twos. Those kidlins have a mind of their own and will do just about whatever, whenever. It's just stubbornness and attempt to get attention. So just keep staying firm and consistant on reactions and punishments and hopefully she'll work her way out of it soon, lol.

I need to crack down on my 101, too. I'm not doing horribly, but I could certainly be more proactive.

We are ALSO trying to figure out if we'll move ourselves and cross our fingers for extra cash in our pocket or just skip the headache of the whole thing and let the Navy do it. The more I think about it, the more my vote goes for Navy handling it. It's so far and so much could go wrong and traveling with the crazy Abe-man and the dog just doesn't seem worth it. LoL. But we'll see. I vote yall do it yourselves-its a shorter distance, and you could probably do it all in one long hard day if you packed up the ride one day and left early in the morning the next. And chances are you WOULD pocket some cash-which means extra money for decorating!!! Whoop!

I am also excited about Saturday! Yee-haw!

You know for sure I will continue to think and pray for you, little Peyton and her family. :(

Pizza. It just sounds good.

Katie said...

Whoa, that bite is huge! I hope it heals soon. I hate wasps. They scare the crap out of me. I'm continuing to pray for Peyton and her family. Good luck attending the service. I can't imagine how difficult and emotional that is going to be.

Mikayla Lee said...

ouch!!! that bite looks like it really hurt!!!! i hope it gets better asap! as for alyssa acting out in public, i can totally understand. Addison has recently started doing that. I get torn between wether discipling her in front of all those strangers, or just ingoring her and not giving her the negative attention she is trying to get. One time, i tried everrrrything to get her to stop throwin a fit in the nex. I tried redirecting her attention, talking to her about why what she was doing was bad, and telling her she would have a time out if she stopped. Nothing worked! so finally, i lost my temper and told her if she didnt stop then i was going to take her home and spank her. The smart ass that she is (lol) she called my bluff and actually bent over and patted her butt, as if to say "bring it on mommy"! i couldnt help but laugh at her! and for some reason, that brought her out of her bad mood!