Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I said one thing and now...

I am doing another

Why hello hello, there Tuesday! Time sure does fly by doesn't it? So I know that everyone out these has said/done this.. especially parents.

I would never let my kid do that..
I would whoop her butt if she done that..
I cant believe she lets her child so that.. never in my house..

Well ladies and gents I can announce that this face right here..

I officially am a part time co-sleeper.
I NEVER thought that I would give in to it, and when I mean part time. I mean she gets out her room, and comes and gets in our bed at like 5-30, 6ish, and then sleeps with us till we wake up. I just realized that with everything going on with peyton, somethings like this I just have to let go.. It actually is kinda nice to see this sweet face cuddled with her blankie when I first open my eyes.

I just cant help but let her come on it, and have some lovie, cuddle time :)
On another note.. Yesterday daddy started trying to teach lys to ride her bike..
It was so cute, and I think she really WANTS to learn. After so long though she didn't wanna no more.. so mama hopped on and she wanted to push me. I guess that's fun at 2. So we were going down a bump and daddy decided to help, then
I was quite sad so we had to put the bike up because the plastic was all sharp and daddy wanted to fix it before she rides it again.
One last thing.. yesterday when the hubbs and I were talking about my birthday lyssa informed me that it was her birthday tooo..
SO I guess I get to share my birthday with her, as well as everything else.. I LOVE IT!! :)

Peyton is still bad, she had a 107 fever the other day and her brain began to swell the docs are thinking shes going to walk or talk if she wakes up..... so please keep praying for her....

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.


Anonymous said...

Still praying for Peyton. <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Lelia I am praying for Peyton!! Do they know what she has? Is it meningitis? Or something along those lines? That is so scary. I feel for her mama (and other family members). She (they) must be a mess right now.

Keep us updated!!


♥ Kate ♥ said...

I was one of those girls too....i wont ever let my baby sleep in the bed with me....but like you i caved haha i did it before Matthew left but now that he is gone it is much more frequent :) Lily will wake up early and in bed with me she goes and i have a feeling it is gonna be something she does for a while lol :)

You, peyton, and her mommy are all still in my prayers :) remember if you need anything just let me know i know i am far away but im here for you ♥

Leelers♥ said...

No, they still dont know too much. They said something about a infection in her heart, and they want to do a biopsy but they want to wait untill she wakes up out of the coma before any of that.

Amanda♥Lynne said...

I ♥ co-sleeping. I think that it has it's place, that it's good for the kiddos to have a healthy realtionship with their own bed, but that there really is nothing quite like cuddling up with your youngin'. It's also a god-send when you are nursing all night long...to just roll over and pop a boob in the kid's mouth and still sleep nice and soundly.

Of course continued prayers for Peyton and Seleta and their family. Hoping for a miracle for that little one, that she pulls through and it was nothing more than a long slumber. Love you dear-hope your cold clears up quick-like for you.

AmberElizabeth said...

I was also one of those who said "My baby will not sleep in the bed with us" but guess what that is where she is sleeping... LOL! Oh well, she is mine and I do believe that it is NO one else's business! If they don't like it oh freakin well... They don't have to deal with her, I do! LOL!!!