Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little update!!

Hello lovely family and friends :)
I just wanted to send everyone a lovely little update about our crazy, hecktic, busy, BUT amazingly beautiful life.

Things are flowing right along. Brandon comes home soon and Im very anxious, and scared, and nervous about things are going to pan out when he reterns. He found out last week on Thursday that he offically got the orders to Jacksonville, NC. We knew thats where he had put them in, but didnt know for sure that we were going there. Now we have to report by Oct 1st. Ahh its so bitter sweet. Going somewhere new, taking that step to another life with my family. But im leaving everything I know. My family will be 8 hours away. Never been that far that I cant get mad at my husband and threaten to pack my shit when times get tough. HA HA, I know I know... But we have all done it before dont pretend u havent.
I have made a life here, I have friends so close I KNOW they will be friends for life. I just dont know how to deal well with losing them. I feel like I have to pick up and start all over. I just hope everything works out for the best.

As of today im gonna make a tiny timeline of upcoming events that I need to remember to keep up with. Maybe it will help cause damnit, a calander dont. I never pull it out enough I always forget. UGH.. IM so a shitty friend at remembering birthdays as well :( Anywas im gonna add a few new pics of ms. Lyss loo!

Shes getting so big and smart, with a tid bit of the powell attitude. This morning It was like 6:30. Those of you that dont know. Alyssa still doesnt know how to open the doors, and that is alright with me. Well when she wakes up she peeks under the door and she can see me. Well she was yelling. MOMMY.. GET UP! Over and over and over... I finally said(with bed hair, and im sure a grumpy frog tone{cause my voice is practicly GONE}) "No, Mommy is sick and wants ever bit of sleep she can get. NOW you go back to your bed missy." And she does it. I never thought it would really work.. but she done it. The other evening she wanted me to read this book OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. so Finally after the bumteenthin MILLION (or what it seemed like). I told her to go read to carli and she done it.. HA HA She has NOT been wanting to talk on the phone to nana and papa lately. Nope... only a snack will make her do the what seems to be dirty work. Shes doing fairly well with potty training. I always hope to see her in the clothes I drop her off in at day care in the evenings.. Seems like 4 out of the 5 days thats what it is.. SO thats good right? So what if she has 1 or 2 accidents a week, shes still early and I think shes doing pretty damn good if U ask me. She is talking so much. I love to hear her tell me "ite der, mommy(right there)" Ahh she uses her way of what is suppose to be a pointy finger. A few days ago she told me she was sleepy right as it was bed time.. AHHH pure bliss. Since we pray everynight shes catching on the prayer, and beginning to say it more with me :) Ahh enough about that I could go on for hours about that pretty. :)

Anyways thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.


Danielle said...

She is so adorable! I can tell you are so PROUD of her accomplishments and its so amazing at how fast they grow up. I am excited yall got the orders. Even though its further from home you are still close.

Share The Good said...

You don't realy ever loose friends when you move you bring the ones you have with you in your heart and gain new ones :o)

Yes I totally understand because i get upset and think to pack up and move alone sometimes as well when i get mad at Jeremy even though we are not married we live together for the past 8 years and there has been plenty of times when i have gotten upset enough to start packing up my stuff (or his) I think this is part of being in a relationship it is not always easy.