Tuesday, December 20, 2011

North Carolina... Part 1

 We took the idea from my favorite blog YHL:) We decided to snap a photo every hour of driving!


Here are some of the highlights of the drive up:
*423 miles
* 8 Hours
*First road trip for Kala
*First road trip for our Charlotte ( if u dont know who that is check her out here.)
*First road trip for our furbabies.
* First time I almost ran out of gas on I-95 thanks to my sweet lover boy.
* Tucker successfully chewed up the PLASTIC, hard plastic people in the back of the truck within the first hour.
* Pups get there puppy meds (benadryl) for the first time.
* 3 accidents (nothing too horrible thankfully)

A few out takes for the fun of it :)

I love how excited kala was :)

You know like my backwards 7


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