Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Although we had a amazing time, it was finally time to pack back up and head home. We did everything the same this time but we has 2 guest riders all the way back.

And yup they made it, Nixie was about . that close to riding all the way home on the antenna (OUTSIDE) the car. Anyways here are the last of the car ride photos.

So there you have it folks! Here are a few breakdowns of the total trip.

*Lowest the SS has ever been in gas.
*Longest ride EVER for kala, the dogs and the ss.
*1st time we gave the dogs some Benedryl
*3 Accidents on the way
*Tucker has about 4 Poop accidents, and about 7 pee accidents during the whole trip.
*1 Vet visits due to ^
*We had thanksgiving after thanksgiving about 4 times :)
*Ate out a total of 0 times, yup you read that right. Close your mouth I know its shocking.

Thanks for sticking through my NC segment! Hope everyone is having lots of fun with all there christmas presents!

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