Sunday, December 25, 2011

N.C. Part 2

While we were in NC for a total of 4 nights and 5 glorious days, it was totally AMAZING!
I love it up there so much it warms my heart thinking about it, I just feel so much at peace.
We arrived around 7 and unpacked a little and started making some pies and cheesecake, oh and ate a hot dog! Relaxed then bed.

On thanksgiving, we all made a amazing dinner full of ham and turkey and all the fixings! But none of this was before tucker got sick around 5 and pooped EVERYWHERE! I was so emberassesd.
Poor pup!

When dinner was almost ready my cousin came down with her two handsome boys who are only 3 months older than lys. Its so crazy to think that the last time they were together they werent even 1. It didnt stop them though, they played, and played and played.

The pups had a great time thereselves, they played and played, and played outside. They didnt know what to do with a big ole back yard.

That night we decided to put the baby to bed and my aunt offered to watch her while we all went out for Black friday, boy was it a good time. My Cousin sherri and kala went to best buy and stood in a horindious line for 2 leap pads (which she got) while greg and I went and farted around at other places. I ended up coming home with more rubbermaid than my cabinets would handle and 2 memory foam bath matts, and a DYSON! Yes son! Danny the dyson is my new man, he a one swipin kinga sucker and his manotverability is unbelievable. (Yes im in love, if you couldnt tell)

IAnyways the next few days came and went so quickly, and I was having so much fun I only managed to snap a few photos on the last day we were there.

It was a awesome time! We cant wait to go back :)

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Kandid Kelli said...

OMG Lys is too cute!!