Thursday, February 4, 2010

Been a little absent I KNOW I KNOW!! :)

Can anyone other than me believe that is THURSDAY THE 4th? OMG like where has time gone. LOL Its has been a crazy busy past few weeks.  Between one of the lawyers closing her firm, and me helping with some of there stuff, and my father having surgery, its been quite hell stressful.

Last week was crazy busy with potty training, taking mac to the emergency vet, and work. So lets just say mon-fri was RUN, RUN, RUN... American idol.. SLEEP. Thats all it consisted of. Last weekend was so fun. Had dinner with the Heather and Gavin, at my trusty ole ARBYS :) Buffalo chicken popers never seem to fail my taste buds. Saturday morning, MS. Lys loo and I went and picked up Mandi and abe, and went to goodwill, and then met up with meggers, and her hubby for lunch at tastey MOTOGAS :) (you can see come pics on her blog here)


My wild, asshole sweet, loving of a cat decided to get into a mean, manly fight and ended up getting hurt. $100.00 later he had some antibiotics, and was well onto his way to recovery.

Had to clean, and pack and get ready for our LONG day trip to savannah where my amazing father had surgery. The surgery went well, I think it was a more of preventive, but if it helps a little great, kinda surgery. Hes still in alot of pain but I think its to be expected. It was a long trip where I got to incorporate, smiles, tears, facing fears, catching up with and old friend, and spending quality time with the family, all doing this with a MASSIVE amount of sleep that was almost obsolete.
 This face is what kept us all going though :)

So today I am very rested, and anxios to get home to my awating pot roast. I will post my finished product and recipe later :) Alyssa is still doing very well with potty training, still has accidents, but I believe its to be expected. Shes doing very well though :)

Thanks for joining us on this journey we call life.

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