Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Terrible 2's Tuesday :)

So today was a normal day for my pretty and myself, got up went Pee pee, in the potty (since she was in actual big girl panties all night again, with NO accidents:) ) and ran she ran around naked while mama gets ready :) I think she absolutely loves this part of her morning.

She watches show "your baby can read" and she just has a jolly ole time getting much needed nakie cuddle time with her nite, nite.

Well as I finish getting ready, I call down to her to come upstairs so we can start getting ready and put her "big girl panties" on.. (which she absolutely LOVES to do). And she starts this whiney cry? SO I try a few more times to get her to come and she still is doing this a few more times... So I slowly trot( no more full speed, due to falling down the stairs one to many times) down the stairs to see whats going on... She starts getting madder, and madder as she hears me coming. As I turn the final corner.. what do I find might you ask?!?

The little turd trying her
to get into my
ghirardelli caramel square

And this is why she was so upset cause she couldnt get them open, and she knew I was coming to get her.. HA HA silly baby. She was very upset the rest of the morning so I have to make her better, with pearls, and lipgloss, and her necklace :)

Here are a few pics of this morning, and one from yesterday when I picked her up from school.

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life....

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staceymichelle99 said...

OMgosh that's awesome! Go Alyssa! Trying potty training now and doing okay so far but not able to let her in big girl panties overnight! Any hints?