Monday, September 20, 2010

Post.. 100 :)

Wow.. Its amazing how time flies! Today as I was logging on to my account to resume my 30 days of me, I noticed that The next blog I posted would be post 100. Which means alot to me :)
I wish that I would have done something big like a contest or a drawing, or SOMETHING to show how thankful I am for all the readers that I have (even though lots of u dont "follow" me or leave me comments) I know your there "lerking" :)

So as this being post 100, Im going to give you a little rundown this little journey I have enbarked on, and tell you how I do love this little "home" I have in the world wide web.

This year was my 4 year mark on being married... This year is the year that I moved out on my own... This year my sweet baby is a romping 2 y/o that looks like her daddy and has a attitude like me... This year I was actually in my first real accident... This year I let alot of hurt and anger go, I have accepted the fact that people make mistakes, and they all need to be forgiven... This year I have made really good friends, and I have lost really good friends...This year I went back to work for the first time in 2 years...  This year is more than half way over, and although I dont know how this year will end up, I know that at this moment in time all my decisions feels like the right thing to do. This crap isnt easy, but noone said that it would be. Believe it or not its the little things thats the hardest; "putting" things away for lys. (AKA daddys dog tags, a white sailor hat.) Im not one for change, and living in a house thats not the house i have lived in for basically 4 years is quite harder than I thought that it would be. Hopefully everything will settle with time.

I have come to be so open to my blog, It feels so good to be about to write, and let all my feelings out at any given time. I love to log on to, and read about everyone and see lots of fun little things on all my friends blog. Most of all I love knowing that whatever is going on in my little world is right here. Whenever things needs to be rememberd more than likely here in this little "home" I have is where its kept :)

Thanks again everyone for all the support and love :)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how honest and real this post was. Thank you for sharing.

Whats your cell # I might take you up on a night time call or txt. (email me)

We also need to plan a get together too! Us mamas gotta stick together!!