Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So today my daughter amazes me again..

I woke up this morning, all anxious about alyssa starting school. I expected a terrible, crying, reaching to fall in my arms again hard goodbye, when I had to leave. To my amazement the teacher just had to to hold her and  she was fine.

I called up there when I got to work, and they told me she ate her breakfast and was fine.. WITH NO TEARS. Are you kidding me? My child that has never been to day care, thats never seen these people before didnt cry? Thats so amazing. I am such a proud mommy right now.

After that a friend went by to drop her son off, and spied on her said that she was fine playing with another little girl. :) Ahh so happy. I tried to get a picture to share but ya right, she told me no. I was gonna do it anyway but the dern battery was dead. HA joke on mommy.

Anyways I just wanted to share a milestone. (which is 95 on my 101) is this journey we call life.

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