Friday, January 22, 2010

School days 11 &12 :)

Lets see whats been goin on :) This week I have been oober BAD!! I have to get back on track. Nothing has really been going on though, This week at work went by super fast though. Been doing alot of busy work so that has been NICE. Lys has been bad as ever when we get home. We are still trying to get into some sort of routein in the evenings. I have always had the perfect routein for her, now that Im working full time I dont wanna put her to be at 8. I wanna let her spend some quality time with me. But THEN that cuts into my "show" time. LOL So we have been trying to work around that. Other than that we made cupcakes last night, and made daddys valentines card.. ( photo will be inserted here when I get home.) LOL

Alyssa has really been doing the pottying thing really well. She always ask to go when we get home, so im gonna be putting her in big girl panties when we get home for now on, and getting a cheap little potty for downstairs. So she can go as she wishes. :) Its been a mess otherwise, yesterday we were trying to hurry to the potty to go poo poo, took off the diaper and she already went a little and she managed to STEP IN IT.. its a mess right now.. LOL so we gotta get on top of things and get on a better plan.

Kissy kissy :) LOL

And this was this morning :) Told her she could have a snack if she smiled. THIS IS WHAT I GOT :)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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