Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 6, and a few other things :)

So.. today marks day 6 of school. :) Shes is still doing quite well.. she know how to wash her hands all by her self now. I watched this morning. Although she is doin well in school, she isnt doing so well at home. I think she is going through some kind of attention phase. Lets just say I count to 10 like 10 times, hold my breath, wish, hope that some way some how brandon would walk thru the door and rescue me. try really hard to accomidate her moodness. She is just super cranky, wants me to kiss every part of her body that even remotly gets some sorta boo boo.  Runs from me all the time now as some sorta game. Here is my little turd on day 3 of school, I have decided too that my phone takes HORRIBLE pictures and im going to start using my digital camera as I should have been.

I know this sounds wrong but I do now understand why people put there kids on those leash things. I always said to myself how wrong that is, but now as a parent of a 2 year old if needed I would do it in a heartbeat.

I have been continuing doing my bible studies in the morning, and its so nice to wake up and read about the life that god has made for us, and the person that he wants us to be.

Also, I have still been doing well on the pepsi thing, although, I think that I need to incorporate a pepsi in the morning, I think it makes for a better day for me. Besides that makes just one in the morning, and some when I get home. SOOO much better than I was doing. So regarless at this point im still progressing. Had whole wheat toast for breakfast this morning, instead of something not heatly as I would have done. And made whole wheat noodles with my chicken alfredo last night. (with not added salt):)

My husband, oh my dear husband. I am so proud of him. I just cant wait till he comes home. I am plannin some homecomming events, and vacations. So if anyone has any ideas im all ears. Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Anonymous said...

Im going through the same thing with E: the chasing & the having to kiss a million booboos a day! Shes driving me nuts!! haha! Nice to know someone else is there too!