Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things that make me smile :)

Thanks to my amazing friend Mandi (which has a awesome blog, go check her out and leave her LOTS ♥) Im gonna blog about things that make me smile.

Here we go:

 This little damn cute face.

I Dont even know how to explain the joys this shit brings me.

You know that feeling when the seasons are changing and that amazing breeze comes in your window, that gives me pure happiness.

Riding in the car with the windows down, and my shades on and blaring music, while im dancing and singing.


Feeling the sand between my toes when its all cold :)

The smell of grilling in the sweet summer time.

The smell of race cars when you step out the truck at the track.

OK OK, I could go on and on. This shall be enough for now :)

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