Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Being a mom is a hard thing to do."

So.. kelli over at Urban Cowgirl posted this blog and I thought I would share as well.

All you moms out there, I know you understand when I say that I havent had all shinning moments as a mother. I have done some not so smart things, that now I know wasnt the best idea. We have all done it dont pretend that you havent either. :P

*I will start off with when lys was about 5 months old I was making brownies and decided that alyssa would love to have some of this.. Not the best idea. THIS is what happend.Turns out not only are you not suppose to give a baby egg, my baby just happend to be allergic. I won the best mom award that day

*One time when Alyssa and I was flying to Seattle to visit brandons father, It was a all day STRESSFUL adventure. Well to make a long story short, my 2nd flight was cancelled and since at that time we could only take so much formula and water. Well I ran out of formula, and she was screaming. The airports dont carry any ANYWHERE. So as we landed I was in such a hurry to leave and get my child something to eat(well drink HA) Anyways We put the base to the car seat in and everything and left. At this point she was screaming bloody murder. I happen to look back and she WASNT SNAPPED IN THE CAR SEAT. SHe was all scooted down from wiggling you know? She had her blanket around her and I didnt know. I started crying cause I felt so bad.DONT JUDGE ME!!

*Another kinda simular story to the one above (NO I dont do this on purpose never would I do anything like this on purpose for the record.) I had snapped her into the carseat and everything was fine and dandy, left to go to lowes. Lets just say DADDY (NO NOT ME THIS TIME) didnt buckle the base in the car. Found that out later. Another Best mom of the year award.

*When alyssa got a little older, She was starting to get a little sassier. We hung out with the Miller's alot. Well Nolan her son was also being the normal toddler, they both didnt know how to share. Well he would push her and stuff. Well One day she decided she had enough and bit him in retaliation I think. Well lets just say I freaked and bit her back. Come to find out afterwards, IT DOESNT WORK OK?!? Not only did she continue to bite, I felt like a horrible mother:(

*One time alyssa fell right out the buggie at walmart :( Horrible moment. Dont let your kids in the back of the buggie after a certain age.

* I know I have more small moments, but this is almost it for the terrible things.

"What are your not-so-proud moments as a mother? Make me feel better" - PLEASE Comment (or do this and link me...) I need to feel better about myself!

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Amanda♥Lynne said...

Oh-easily the worst mommy thing I did, or the one that made me FEEL the worst was when Abram was about three or four months old. I was babysitting Mackenzie, and her parents were on their way to come get her. I guess she could sense it, because she hadn't cried the entire time I watched her-then there at the very end she started sobbing at the door. I propped up my little baby-who wasn't really rolling, only did it when I was changing his diaper to get away from me-I propped him up in his boppy on the couch and tucked him in with his blankey. I went to the door to pick up and console poor, sad, little Kenzie. After about ten seconds I hear a SPLAT and a wail. I turn around to find my INFANT on the floor. Somehow the little guy rolled up over the sides of his boppy and off of the couch, aiming to bonk his soft infant skull on the hard tile floor, missing the rug just a couple inches away. This was his first big boo-boo...and it was all Mommy's fault! Now I had two children bawling! I am freaking out, hoping my infant son has not suffered a concussion...I am walkig around, nursing him, consoling him, kissing him, appolgizing to him...all the while, trying to console a sad little girl, too. He stops crying quickly and I'm scared that he's going to fall asleep and suffer some kind of brain damage-all from my irresponsiblitiy! And to top it all of, Mackenzie's mommy and daddy arrive right in the middle of it-probably thinking I'm the worst babysitter, to allow their child to cry at the door, lol. When all was said and done, it was a short fall to the floor, the first of many. I knew that at the time, but it didn't stop me from bawling as hard as the kids were. I felt pretty darned awful. Aww-silly little new Momma...