Monday, January 11, 2010

On my road to eating healthier and becoming a better Lelia!!

So here we are on day FLIPPIN FOREVER 5 that I have not been having my pepsi(S) throughout the day like I normal have. I have to say that I feel sad. LOL I know it sounds dumb and I hope this is just a slump, but I dont feel like my normal peppy self.
If this is what not drinking my pepsi is going to do for me then dangit ima drink it. Im gonna contine to try to make this lifestyle change a keeper, but I just want to over this in between awkward body goin in pepsi detoxation stage.

On top of that I switched our noodles to whole grain noodles. I was quite happy to report back that last night when I made spaghetti it wasnt that bad. I could hardly tell a difference. So thats something I should be happy about.

This weekend was fun we didnt nothing and everything at the same time. Friday we went to abe's b-day party (which was super fun I might add.) Saturday morning I cleaned and cleaned my house, and made my blog pretty of course. Lys woke up feeling icky so had to cancell my dinner plans. I then went out with a few girls that night. Sunday I went to the book store with mandi @little dandelion to books a million which was oh so interesting. There I got a new contemporay bible, to help me translate my KJV. I also got Power of a praying wife, mom and woman. (which my husband will be thrilled about once he finds out).
 I also got this

 and so far I really like it.
I think I am well on my road to the new me, and it feels oh so good.

Thanks for joining us on This journey we call life.


<3 Sarah <3 said...

When John stopped drinking soda he had a rough week or two... but now he is good! He is going on 10 months now!! You can do it!!!!

AmandaLynne said...

Aww-I love it! Yay for a newer, happier, healthier Lelia!

Mikayla Lee said...

i have that book, and love it!