Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Terrible Two Tuesdays!!

So all the moms, that have/or have had a TWO year old know what I mean by toddlers just have bad days sometimes just like we do. As a way for me to express my iritation, and document this all at the same time, I decided to start this Terrible Two Tuesdays blog :)

Im going to start off by saying that I love my daughter with all my heart, and I could never imagine my life without her. DEAR LORD she drives me crazyyyy sometimes. I know that its a adjustment period to get use to day care and all, but how freakin long is it?


So yesterday was a really bad day for lys. I dont know what the deal was but, She cried when we got out the car to go eat, she cried cause she had to get in her seat. She cried cause she wanted out the seat, she cried cause we had to get back into the car. She was just CRYING, and CRYING, and CRYING. I had my friend sheryl with me which has a 2 y/o as well and she gave lys some lipgloss...

She was content all the way home :) I hate giving in to her tantrams that way, but boy I tell ya what. When I pick my baby up from day care, I want a happy one and if that means she wants to feel big and put on lip gloss, DEAL!!!!

What are you toddlers not so happy moments?

Thanks for joinging us in this journey we call life.

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