Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh so, LOVELY letters :)

I saw this cute post over at thekellisue called "Mail Time." I think it was a awesome idea. So here goes nothing =)

Dear Deployment,
          I know that our boys are out there doing some what seems to be pointless activites great things that will help our country. Really though? In 3 years 3 deployments. (That DOESNT EVEN include the underways, and long work days AND duty days.) I know I know this is what we signed up for, but it just doesnt seem fair. I would really like my husband back , and im almost positive alyssa would like her daddy back.
           Thanks for not listening,
               A lonely navy wife
Dear Time,
         Wow, arent you just a sneaky one. Seems as though just yesterday I was going out and clubbing, and wasting all my time on pointless romances being the normal RESPONSIBLE teenage daughter, and working full time, and casualy dating. Now here it is and Im MARRIED?!? AND A 2Y/O! Oh my oh my where have you gone. I just wanna ask of you to slow down some. Give me a little more during they day to spend with my sweets. I mean really I only get this one life and I wanna enjoy it.
             With love and please slow down,
                        Time deprived mom and wife.
Dear Housekeeper,
           Can you please clean a little better? I mean I know that you are very busy, and have alot of things to do but really now?!? It only takes 5 minutes to pick up all the cereal in my floor at moment. You know that spoiled silly baby of mine, and the mess she likes to make. And the bed? You use to be so good at making my bed? WHAT HAPPEND? You severly need to get back on your game plan before the husband gets home.
             In regards to,
                    A very busy mom that just wants to watch some tv instead of clean.
 Dear Detailer or NAVY (whichever),
             What is wrong with you? We are suppose to be getting restationed here SOMETIME sep-oct area. Does that not even register that somehow its wrong? I am such a planner that I wanna know WHEN NOW!! I need to be lookin for malls, shops, restuarts, parks, making friends a HOUSE and a job(the important stuff). Now can we please get on this and give me a date like ASAP.
                  A soon to be non address family.
Dear Sweet child of mine,
               I know that you are only 2, and need to run around like a wild child be a 2 year old, but really baby?!? It really shouldnt be fun to take all the toilet paper off the roll anymore. I also think you should understand the concept of cause and effect now, so we can DEF stop dumping the ceral out the bowl. Time out... dear time out, that should really be punishment, you shouldnt want to go. Last thing there bug, is about the potty. I am so proud that you are wanting to go potty(as I should be at just turning 2), BUT baby girl listen mommy doesnt have to go ever 15 sec. I cant! Neither do you. Its just something that were going to have to work on together ok.
              Wishing you would just listen,

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.



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Amanda♥Lynne said...

Aww-that was cute. =)

Leelers♥ said...

I guess I could have said that we are goin to NC :) Just dont know when.

Anonymous said...

haha E likes time out too. I tell her that its not a fun place to go. But she will put herself in time out when I ask her if she wants one as a warning. These kiddos! and i still have 3 1/2 mons till shes 2!!! Oh dear. I wish she knew that b.c Im pretty sure she thinks shes 2 going on 4 already.