Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mentally preparing for...

Oh, MY!

OK.. so if this isnt the most nerve racking, exciting thing ever!!! I keep going back and fourth, and back ant fouth. Say one thing, one day and say another another day. Well I guess I am giving myself a timeline now.. Im aiming for tax time. That gives me plently of time to:

A:) Starting paying double car payments.
B.) Get my new furniture that I have been dying for..
 C.) Pay off the what seems to be massive few CC's we have.
D.)  Hopefully my husband sells his car :) (which would be just magnificent)

What kind of things car do you want lelia? UGHH!!
Anything that :
*has 3rd row
*multiple sun roofs would be nice
*has a back up camera
*A built in DVD player would be nice too
*heated seats
*I really want NAV..

I just want it all... to be honest. Its such a big deal!! (to me anyways)

Well enough of that im just gonna try had to focus on that really counts first, and thats A-D above.. Thanks again for joining us in this journey we call life.

1 comment:

Brandon said...

Baby wants everything huh? lol you gotta have the whole package dont you :P you definitely need those back up sensors the way you drive :) jk boo boo. I love you :)