Friday, May 21, 2010

Who I am {right NOW}

This lovely idea I got from Kelli, which in turn got it from Erin.
(great blogs go check them out)


Right now I am:

Excited I am so excited for today festivites. I leave here in about 2 hours.. (yes early day for me. WOO HOO) Promptly leaving here, and going to get the hair did. Its SOO over due. Then going home to get all Prissy, and pretty. We have the ships christmas "Holiday" party. Thats right  Since the ship was on deployment they are having a late party. OOh well just another reason to get all dressed up and pretty.

Sad My poor sweet baby, has been making me quite sad lately. I know none of this is her fault, but she keeps getting sick, and it makes me so sad. To top that off, shes so scared of the water now. Its all becasue of them derned swim lessons that I thought she would love.. ya NOT! Yesterday she screamed bloody MURDER when I was giving her a bath.

Having anxiety becasue my house is soo over due spring cleaning. YES thats right im going to admit that my house need a full spring clean. ITS SOO BAD.. Just who really has the time for that stuff?? Im gonna be moving in less than 3 months so why would am I stressing so much about it?

NOT having starbucks on friday. Why you ask? Cause I havent been craving them sadly. So untill I really really want it, I dont wanna spend the 5 bucks for it.

Feeling crampy.. ya this Ms. Flow shit is for the birds.

Wishing.. I am wishing that I would make up my damn mind.. LOL I have all these wants and I cant have everything. SO I guess that means I gotta figure out whats the best idea.

Well thats about all for "THE MOMENT" but thanks again for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun at the late holiday party today. I always love excuses for getting dressed up!