Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Smriday.. :)

Ahh.. the feeling of waking up on a friday, knowing that you have the whole weekend..
*off work
*to send with your loved ones
*to do as you wish..

The best feeling to get home.. for me anyways starting about this time I start getting ansy:( Sadly

This week went by pretty fast. We had a good family day yesterday. Although I wasnt feelin well all day, I came home to a clean house, and the hubby already on dinner. :) After dinner we picked up, and then went for a lovely walk with sasha. She was SOO good. I couldnt believe it. Brandon said that she was just chilling my back and shoulders smelling and playin with my hair :) Makes me so happy to know that shes coming around. We are still trying to figure out when we are going to get the other baby. :( We then took a fun trip to taco bell at 12. HA HA yes we did that. Lyssa wasnt even to upset we woke her. LOL It was SO SO good :)

This weekend, brandon is taking me out on a date saturday... Should be fun fun. :) Then sunday our friend is coming over for dinner. Thats exciting as well. Other than that nothing too much is going on around the gallardo house. :)

Im reading this new book, its the one that supposdly the she army wives was written about. : Under the Sabers the unwiteen code of army wives. So far it is quite interesting.
Just wanna share a quick passage from it...

"They will say the wife is a snob if she is quite, a slut if she talks to guys, and vain if she wears fashionable clothing. If she works she doesnt participate in unit functions-well, then the word is , She's got her own life and the marriage is not going to last.

Isnt it true.. People even me at times can be so quick to judge..

Alright thats all for now......thats for joining us in this journey we call life.


Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

Thank you baby for an awesome weekend! I had alot of fun on our date and the whole weekend overall was great! muah!!!